Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fraction Bingo Freebie

Maybe after Winter Break I will stop breaking the rules and stick to blogging once a day!  I couldn't help it though.  This morning I made a Fraction Bingo Game and I wanted to share it with my bloggy friends.

It is up on my TpT Store for free. Click on the pictures above to download the game!  If you download it, please follow my blog or TpT store and leave a comment!

Happy New Year!

How I Spent My Winter Vacation Linky Party

Oh Bloggy friends, you know how I love a linky party!  So much so,that Elisabeth over at Twins, Teaching and Tacos, and I are planning our own!  (You'll hear about that later in January!)

So here's the latest one, over at Clutter-Free Classroom.  Go and link up!

1.  Blog 
2.  Creating posters and activities for my kiddos.  (and for you...Check out my TpT Store!)
3.  Drinking coffee from my new Keurig (Thanks Mom and Dad)
4.  Saw the Rock of Ages Musical with my family.  It was AWESOME!  
5.  Became addicted to Words With Friends.  My username is amberdp86.  Feel Free to Play Me! :)
6.  Setting up my New iPhone 4. Well It's new to me.  My boyfriend got the new 4S for Christmas and gave me his 4.  Which was perfect because my iPhone had a lovely broken screen. 
7.  Took down all of my Christmas Decorations and cleaned this crazy apartment. 
8. Spent lots of time with my family and played a LOT of board games. 
9. Neglected my work bag (I NEED to write lesson plans)
10.  Found lots of new friends to stalk  follow in blog land. 

So there is my winter break in a nut shell! Head on over to Clutter Free Classroom and Link Up!

 I go back to school on Tuesday.  I can't believe the school year is halfway over.  I am truly having a great year.  I have a fabulous class and I am really going to be sad when the year is over.  Ask me that again in May....

Well I hope all of you guys have a great New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Freebie Friday

It's the last Friday of 2011!  I love Freebie Friday over at Teaching Blog Addict!  It's an awesome way to find new blogs and well, get great freebies!  So, this is the first week that I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.   Here is my freebie for all my bloggy friends.  (I am so excited, I have reached 40 followers. Does that make me a complete dork?)

So anyway, on to what you guys care about,  here is a "I Have, Who Has" game reviewing Multiplication Facts.  My students love these games and it is so good to fill in that extra 5 minutes before lunch or the end of the day.

Click on the picture to get to the game, it's on my TpT Store.  Leave me a comment and let me know you downloaded it!  

Click Here to Check out all of the other awesome FREEBIES!  

Freebie Fridays

Happy Friday Guys!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Check out this Mega Giveaway!

I know, I know.  I'm blogging for the second time today! I couldn't help it though...I found such a GREAT Mega Giveaway!  There are 12 blogs coming together for this contest!



Go check out these blogs and find out the details about the contest! You're going to want to get in on this!

2012 Resolutions Linky Party

Don't forget to check out my two time sensitive freebies, Snowman Equivalent Fractions Game and the Fraction Posters Giveaway.
My real life and bloggy friend Elisabeth, has a giveaway of her own.  Check out her Reading Comprehension posters.  They are awesome and you will love them!

Now on to some blogging fun.  If Blogging and Pinterest are my two biggest addictions, linky parties are not too far behind!  I thought I would join in all of the fun and share my New Year's Resolutions! Go over to A Teacher's Treasure and link up!


1. Get Healthy! This is always what I tell myself. I lose it and then gain it back every year. This year I want to focus more on cooking for myself and making it to the gym at least three times a week!

2. Save money! (In order to save money I will probably need a part time job.) My state has been on a pay freeze since I started teaching, so I still make the same as when I started. It's no fun, but it's life.

3. Get married. (Boyfriend, did you hear that? Kidding, this girl can stay unmarried a little while longer.)

4. Try a new recipe every week. 

5. Become more crafty. (Thank you Pinterest.)


1. Keep blogging regularly. 

2. Get my classroom organized! 

3. Create, Create, Create to get ready for Common Core in the Fall. 

4. Become more comfortable with the workshop models. 

5. Make my lessons have a better flow throughout the year. 

So there it is! Go Link Up!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fraction Posters Giveaway

Hey to all those out in Blog Land!  I've been so very busy creating things to use in January. I love having all of this extra time, because it will be a dream once school starts back.   Like I said in an earlier post, I'm beginning fractions when we get back in the full swing of things. (Check it out if you haven't already, there are some cool ideas from Pinterest and a Freebie!) So, I have created some Fraction Posters to hang on my Math Focus Wall.  I am also going to use them as a guide for the student's math notebooks too.
Here is a preview of a few of the posters.

Here is a chance to get these posters (which I know you all want) for FREE! For all my new bloggy friends, all you have to do is follow my blog if you do not already, leave a comment and fill out the form below.  Do all of that by January 4th, and you will get a copy of the file in your email!
It is already up in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, but why pay $3 when you can have all 9 posters for free! :)

*January 9- Posters are no longer being given away.  

11 in '11

I sure do love a linky party!

Since almost all of the blogs I stalk follow have been linking up, I decided I must as well (even if I have already posted today!)

11. Favorite movie you watched

I LOVE movies. I go all the time. I Redbox constantly. It is one of my many obsessions. So this was hard for me. I mean I've seen three great movies in the past two weeks, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not to mention throughout the year I loved The Help, Crazy Stupid Love and Horrible Bosses. My all time favorite though was...

Raunchy, Hilarious and Quotable. Of course I love it!

10. Favorite TV series
This is another hard one, because there has been some great TV this year.  I am also a huge TV junkie and my DVR is usually a ridicuous mess.  Glee, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Jersey Shore (I know, I'm an educated adult, seriously?), True Blood, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Pan Am and my list could go on forever.  But, my favorite show was a new one this season....

My sister told me I had to watch this show about halfway through the season. I watched 7 episodes in two days. I was addicted.  It's about a POW coming home and a CIA Agent is convinced he is a terrorist. It is awesome and to add to the awesomeness...It's filmed around my hometown.  

9. Favorite restaurant
I eat out way too much, especially since I can't afford it.  Right now, my favorite place to eat is Thai House.  They have the best sushi I have had around here (although it has nothing on sushi in Thailand or Hawaii!)

8. Favorite new thing you tried
I know this is probably the same for a lot of people, but I am so glad I started blogging.  I used to have a personal blog, but I am telling was boring.  Teaching kind of takes up my entire life and my friends who read my other blog didn't care about that.  ha.  So, as part of this technology program, I had to start a professional blog.  I LOVE it.  I have really only gotten into it over the past two months, but it has been well worth it.  I love all my new blogging friends and it has made me such a better teacher!

7. Favorite gift you received
For my birthday this summer, my parents paid for my brother and I to go to Hawaii to visit my sister and her husband! Best present ever! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. 

We actually got stuck in Phoenix for two days without any luggage.  It was definitely an interesting start to the trip. 

My brother and I after we arrived, two days after we left home.  That is why we look so horrendous!
We somehow randomly found the Real Black Pearl from the Pirates movies. We were kind of trespassing, but it made for a cool picture!

My friend Kayla who traveled with us, My sister, and Me at my birthday Dinner!

All of us at the Luau!

6. Favorite thing you pinned
.This is so hard to decide, because as you guys know....I am OBSESSED.  I honestly can't choose one, or two, or three.  Check out my Pinboards though, lots of awesome ideas!

5. Favorite blog post

Like I said, I haven't been posting for too long, so I'd have to say my favorite was my first linky party.  I loved Reagan's Top 10 Reasons You Know Christmas Is Near so I decided to do one myself.  I thought it was my first post that really let my personality come out.

4. Favorite accomplishment
I am so proud to be Teacher of the Year at my school.  It's so nice to be recognized by my peers!  It really does make me feel special!

3. Favorite picture
I know this seems like a bizarre choice (especially since I look awful and well, like I had a lot of fun that day).  Well, the other three ladies are my college roommates.  We have several other pictures in this pose and we always seem to feel like we need to recreate it.  This was at one of their weddings this spring.  She was the first one of us to get married.  

The original picture back in 2007.  

At my Graduation in 2008.  

2. Favorite memory
Since it's fresh on my mind, I would have to go with what happened tonight! My dad bought our whole family tickets to see the Off Broadway show of Rock of Ages.  It was awesome!  We had so much fun. I love some great 80's rock!

1. Goal for 2012

Personal:  I need to get back on the losing weight train.  .  
School:  I want to be more creative, more organized and more focused on being a better teacher.  
Blogging:  I want to continue making new bloggy friends and posting on a regular basis.

So there it is! You should definitely go and link up!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fractions Pinterest Style and a Freebie!

I am loving this Christmas Break! Sleeping in, sitting with my laptop and a warm cup of coffee,  blog stalking, and actually having time to create new things!

When I see my third graders (which I have to admit I miss over this break) we are going to start our unit on fractions.  Fractions has always been hard for my kiddos (and me), so luckily I have Pinterest to help me with that.  Here are some ideas I have already gotten that I want to adjust or use during our unit.

Sidenote:  Man, have I mentioned how much I LOVE Pinterest? I don't think I can talk about it enough! Not only do I get these awesome ideas, but it hooks me up with finding all of these AWESOME blogs!

Well, with all this free time that I have, I also created a Snowman Equivalent Fraction Game to use during my guided math time.  The students will match the equivalent snowflakes to the correct snowman.  It uses the   fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/3 and 3/4.  I am going to have the game FREE on TpT until December 31st!  So if you want it, you better download it fast!  :) If you download it, follow my blog or TpT Store and leave a comment! Let me know what you think and how it works out with your students!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday with your friends and family.  I feel like all I've done for the past two days is eat,  laugh and play board games! That is usually the case when my family gets together! Here are some pictures to document our Christmas Eve.

We Skyped with my sister and brother in law who live in Hawaii.  Here is our family portrait!  Ignore the goofy look on my brother's face!

Our family's biggest tradition is decorating cookies on Christmas Eve.  Even though we range in age from 17-30, we still have to do it every year.  It's so important that we decorated cookies with my sister and brother in law via Skype!

My parents let my older brother open one of his presents on Christmas Eve so he could hang it in his window! "It's a major award!!!"

My boyfriend and I in front of the awesome lamp poster!

I know this post isn't exactly teacher related.  Then again  my parents did get me a wireless printer so I could print out all the awesome things I find from other blogs and Pinterest!  They also got me a Keurig to feed my coffee addiction, which I usually need after late nights of blogging and Pinterest Obsessing! (I knew I could tie in teaching some how!)

I hope everyone else had as great as a day as my family did! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and a FREEBIE!

All of my shopping is done and all the presents are wrapped, so I wanted to give my blog friends a Christmas present!

Even though I would love to take some time off and not think of school, it is completely and utterly impossible! So, I thought I would at least be productive.

After a long break, I like to take some time to review classroom procedures and rules.  Right after Christmas is a great time to do this since we have been in school for a couple of months and its easy for the students (and the teacher) to become complacent.

So I created a Rules and Responsibilities Concentration Game.  It is up on TPT for you guys to download for FREE! Consider it my Christmas Present for you!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Currently December

Farley over at, Oh' Boy 4th Grade! posted her Currently December.   There is a linky party so you have got to check it out! So many new blogs!

Twins, Teaching and Tacos is my dear friend's blog! Check her out! She's an awesome third grade teacher!

Twins Teaching and Tacos

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Around the World Part 3

About a week ago, I started posting about Christmas Around the World .  The second part of the week I teamed up with my awesome teacher neighbor and we learned all about different winter traditions around the world.  I keep forgetting to post about it.  (Has anyone's else life been completely crazy??)
Well, The kids LOVED it and here is a little bit of what we learned!
In my room we visited Italy first!  Buon Natale! We learned about Italian culture, geography and how they celebrate Christmas with a Notebook file that I created.  Then, we learned about the Legend Old Befana and the students created a shoe for Befana to leave a treat in for them!  

Then, the students worked in pairs and created a venn diagram in Inspiration to compare Befana and Santa Claus. I wish I would have saved copies of those on my jump drive, but they are at school.  

The next day we went down under and visited Australia.  I wanted to teach about Australia because we have been studying the solar system and had just learned the reason we have seasons.  We learned some fun facts about Australia and we watched a 12 Days of Christmas Aussie style.  Then we created a snow globe of Santa surfing!

The last place that we visited in my class was India.  We studied the Diwali "Festival of Lights".  We have a third grader who is originally from India, so it was so cool  for her to be able to share her experiences with the classes!  The students made Rangoli Patterns, like the people from Indian paint on their floors for good luck.  The students used Geoboards first to come up geometric, symmetrical pattern, and then they drew it on dotted paper.  

In my teammate's classroom, the student visited The Netherlands and learned about Sinterklaas and made windmills.  Then they visited Mexico and made pinatas!  The last place they visited was Israel to learn all about Hanukkah.  

It was a great week and I really enjoyed myself.  The students wrote in their travel journals every day and it really showed how much they had learned.  We also created a Voicethread about all of the places we visited.  My students LOVE hearing themselves recorded.  

Did you guys do Christmas Around the World in your class? Where did you visit? 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Break!
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