Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday with your friends and family.  I feel like all I've done for the past two days is eat,  laugh and play board games! That is usually the case when my family gets together! Here are some pictures to document our Christmas Eve.

We Skyped with my sister and brother in law who live in Hawaii.  Here is our family portrait!  Ignore the goofy look on my brother's face!

Our family's biggest tradition is decorating cookies on Christmas Eve.  Even though we range in age from 17-30, we still have to do it every year.  It's so important that we decorated cookies with my sister and brother in law via Skype!

My parents let my older brother open one of his presents on Christmas Eve so he could hang it in his window! "It's a major award!!!"

My boyfriend and I in front of the awesome lamp poster!

I know this post isn't exactly teacher related.  Then again  my parents did get me a wireless printer so I could print out all the awesome things I find from other blogs and Pinterest!  They also got me a Keurig to feed my coffee addiction, which I usually need after late nights of blogging and Pinterest Obsessing! (I knew I could tie in teaching some how!)

I hope everyone else had as great as a day as my family did! :)


  1. Just found your blog...looks like you had a great Christmas! My family did, too. Now I need to start thinking about what I am going to do once I get back to school!



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