Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mixed Numbers, Dragons, Grammar

What do those three things have in common?

This post.

Does anyone else feel like they have had a crazayyyyy week? Is it Friday yet? One more day!

I haven't posted a freebie all week, but I have a FREEBIE at the end! :)

We have been doing so much this week.  We are finishing up our fractions unit, our test is tomorrow. So I'm crossing my finger praying hoping that my students do well.

In our state we have to teach mixed numbers. Sigh.  Fractions on a number line. Double Sigh. They are such hard concepts for third graders to understand.  So here are some of the things we did to try to get the concept down.

First we learned about mixed numbers and improper fractions.  We did some activities on the Smartboard and we created these mixed numbers using fraction circles.


The next day we talked about placing fractions and mixed number on a number line.  So I introduced the lesson by assigning each student a fraction or mixed number.  The students were put into two groups and raced to put the numbers in order from least to greatest.  Then we put them on a number line from there. 

We were out of school on Monday, so we talked about the Chinese New Year on Tuesday.  I had already chosen a book to read, but I have a Chinese girl who was adopted by an American family in my class.  She brought in a book about the Chinese New Year, so we read that instead!  We made paper lanterns and easy dragon masks.  I wish I had time to make something cuter, but like I said this week has been CRAZYYY.

You have stuck with me this long, so here is a FREEBIE. Our spelling skill this week as about plurals and possessives. Here is a simple cut and paste activity to download at my TpT store!

This week we started reading workshop, so I'll be posting all about that tomorrow!  

Hope you guys had a fabulous Thursday! :)


  1. I can't believe that you are doing mixed numbers and fractions on a number line in third grade! That is what my 4th graders are currently learning and MAN, they are having a hard time. Aaahhhhh!! Good luck to you! :/

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