Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day and Shopped Out!

Happy Leap Day!  The last time we had a leap day was during my student teaching.  My goodness, how so much has changed in the past four years.  I wonder where I will be next leap day!  Well, I have a few ideas...but I'll spare you guys from that.

My kids were so intrigued with the concept of Leap Year!  They thought that it was pretty cool that they will be  in middle school when it happens again.  

Look at how cute our leap year froggies turned out!  

Some of them turned out looking a little psychotic different.I like their creativity though! :) 

After watching the Leap Year Video on BrainPop, we made a web map about what we learned.  So they took the facts and wrote a paragraph about why we need a leap year.  They ended their paragraph with how they would like to celebrate Leap Day. 

You can download the template for free if you haven't yet! It would be great for any frog activity!

Are you guys loving the TPT Sale??  There is so much more I would like to buy, but I controlled myself! Here is what I couldn't live without!
The Lorax Unit
I had planned on using it this week and next week for Seussy stuff, but it's so great that I'm going to save it for our recycling unit, so I can spend more time with it!

Money Pack: Activities, Printables, and Center Game
My kids always need extra practice with money! Plus it uses Ginger's Clipart. I love her stuff!

Dr. Seuss Biography Research Project for Read Across America
This is planned for tomorrow!

Elapsed Time Mini-Unit
I'll be teaching time next week....

Oh...The Places You'll Go {A Seuss Themed Time Capsule}
I can't wait to do this at the end of the year. 

basketball buddy {a craftivity}
cheerleader buddy {a craftivity}

My kids loved making her football players

If you haven't shopped yet, you have to!  Time is running out! Check out all the shops who are participating in this mega sale here. Be sure to stop by my 2 shops!  

3rd, 5th -
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Everything is 30% off!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pancakes and Salessss

Free Pancakes!

Free + Pancakes = A Good Time

Today was National Pancake Day and Ihop was giving away short stacks.  This poor teacher had to have some. 

This is post stuffing of pancakes.  

I also wore my bright red shoes, sure they didn't match my bumming clothes, but who cares..

Oh and look at one of my cuties was wearing today at school! How adorable?  I want a cool Lorax Hat!

Don't forget tomorrow is the BIG TPT Sale! My shop is already at 20% off and with the code tomorrow, you can get everything for 28% off! How awesome! I already have my cart filled up with some awesome things!  

Oh and I hit my 100th follower on TPT, how cool is that?  

3rd, 5th -

My Teacher's Notebook Shop will be 30% off too!

Here are some of the things you can grab tomorrow!
My brand new graphing unit!

St. Patty's Day Games for Upper Elem. 

Black History Lapbook

Economy Lapbook

Measuring Games

Measurement Unit

Fraction Games

Kindergarten-5th Grade Math Common Core Word Walls

Don't forget to check out all the other awesome stores too!

Well, this was not a very teachery post.  I'll get back to that tomorrow! :)
Happy Leap Day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Target and a Leap Year Freebie!

I love Target. Don't we all?  Check out what I got today!

*I got 50 pencils! Easter Pencils, Sports Pencils for the Boys and Polka Dot Pencils for the girls. 
*2 cute boxes
*4 Nonfiction Books
*2 Animal Pointers 
* St. Patty's Headband and pin to wear the day of
*Watering Can for our egg carton gardens in the spring
*2 Dr. Seuss Books on Sale for $10 each

Now, on the Leap Year Freebie!  I wanted to do something for Leap Year since it only comes every four years.  I love craftivities and I couldn't find one out there, so I made one.  

 I didn't have construction paper at home, but I knew you guys would get the general idea from the all white boring picture.  I wanted to go ahead and get it out there in case you guys wanted to use it this week.
The Freebie has a simple graphic organizer (nothing fancy) and a few writing prompt ideas.

If you can't use the frog for leap day, I think he is adorable and you could always use him for springtime! :)

It's at my TPT Store and TN Store!

Also, BrainPop has a pretty cool video for the older kids to explain why we need a leap day and leap year.  It fits in perfect with third grade curriculum  since we learn about the movement of the Earth and such.  So we will be writing about why we need a leap year.  BrainPop is a paid site but you can sign up for a week free trial.

Well, I am so tired. Mondays.

Have a great day tomorrow. :)

TPT Leapy Linky

I love Linky Parties, I loooove sales and I love buying awesome teaching materials! Voila, the perfect combination.  (well perfect, would mean that I would have plenty of extra money to buy the stuff & Channing Tatum was helping me cut and laminate)

I am sure you guys have seen this floating around blogworld.  Especially since there is already like 140 people who have linked up!

So here's the lowdown, if you haven't heard already. On Leap Day, Wednesday 2/29, everything at my TPT store will be 20% off! One day only people! Then when you check out just use the extra 10% off code. That's 28% off!

I can't leave out my Teacher Notebook friends either! Everything there will be on sale for 30% off! ONE DAY ONLY! :)

So go and link up if you haven't already! Plus, you'll have all the links to tons of great shops!!!! Here is a link to Farley's Blog because that is who I originally linked up with, but there are several other awesome blogs hosting too.  You only have to link up once though!

Tonight I plan on adding some things to my wishlist so it will be eazy peazy come Wednesday!

Happy Shopping Friends!

3rd, 5th -

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Graphing Unit & A Reading Freebie!

I feel like I have been sitting in my recliner all day on my computer. I've gotten a lot done.  I have everything ready for this week.  Thank goodness!  I also finished up a new unit.  I made a Graphing Problem Based Supplemental Unit.  I called it "supplemental" because it doesn't have an assessment or homework each night like the Measurement Unit.

I am pretty proud of it and I can't wait until it's time for me to teach this unit. I have taught similar lessons to this unit in the past, so they do work in a real classroom.  The lessons are problem based, not just "worksheets". 

The File includes
*Set of Vocabulary Cards
*Lesson Instructions and Printables
*Six Problem Based Lessons.
Lesson 1: Free Throw Toss Part 1 (Creating a Table and Pictograph)
Lesson 2: Free Throw Toss Part 2 (Creating a Line Plot)
Lesson 3: A Human Circle Graph
Lesson 4: Allergy Problem Part 1 (Creating a Circle Graph to Solve a Problem)
Lesson 5: Allergy Problem Part 2 (Making a Decision and Writing a Letter)
Lesson 6: Class Comparisons (Creating Bar Graphs to Compare)

It is $6 at my TN Store and my TPT Store.

I will give the unit to two people who are followers of my Brand NEW TN Store. Just leave a comment and let me know that you are now a follower of my TN Store and leave your email of course! I will choose the two people tomorrow night! :)

Here is the Reading Freebie that I promised!  Last week our skill during shared reading time was all about Making Predictions.  We made this Pinterest inspired anchor chart (what would I do without Pinterest!)

It's a little blurry. Whoops. 

Then we made this foldable.  

For the fiction & nonfiction predictions,  I used the guided reading books from our old reading series.  I let the students choose what book they wanted to read, then they grouped up and made predictions. 

Here is the link to the foldable on Google Docs if you are interested!

Well, enjoy your last moments of freedom. Back to school tomorrow.  I will not be watching the Oscars. I have seen like three of the movies nominated. The Walking Dead is much more appealing to me tonight!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Dirty

I had such a great, chill Saturday.  I went to go see Act of Valor tonight with Mark.  So good!  The movie really portrayed the awesome sacrifice of our Navy Seals and all Sailors, Soldiers, Airman and Marines.  You should definitely check it out.

I know it might seem like I only teach math, I seem to blog about it an awful lot! I love teaching Science though. It's so hands on and fun.  Well, if it's taught the right way.  It makes me sad to hear about those schools that just do science out of a book.  They have great test scores but how boring! 

Anyway, off the soapbox.  We use the ECA Kits in our district, and the third grade Soil Kit is by far my favorite.  Yeah, soil...doesn't sound that great, but the kids love getting dirty! Elisabeth at Twins, Teaching and Tacos has made an awesome Soil Unit Supplement to the kits.  It has all of the observation sheets and so much more.  Even if you don't get the kits, it is something you can totally do on your own. All you need is some clay, sand and humus! 

Well we, started off learning about what makes up soil.  We dug up some dirt outside of our classroom.  We took it inside starting "rooting" through it. Get it rooting... 

Well, this is the first year I haven't just used potting soil.  So I didn't think about what would be in this soil. Yep. Bugs. Worms. Ants. Roly Polys. The kiddos thought it was the coolest thing ever.  

Then we started talking about the different types of soil, sand, clay and humus.  How they look, feel, smell, and sound. 

On another day, we added water to the soil samples. 

This would be my first group who came back to add water.  Let's just say it got realll messy. The students mixed it up with their fingers and tried rolling each type in a ball.  I forgot to take pictures at the end. (P.S. That is Pandora playing on the Smartboard. I am LOVING that it isn't blocked anymore.  Classical Music and Disney Stars at my fingertips!)

We also talked all about the different layers of soil and how soil is made.  So we were going to make compost piles. We collected vegetable and fruit scraps. Yuck.  I have everything set up. I go to pull out my containers I always use to make the compost. Yep, can't find them. Great. Then I go to get the worms out of the Fridge in the Workroom. Not there.  So no longer do we just have a Lunch Bandit (I refuse to leave my Lean Cuisines in there after mine got stolen on conference day), but also someone likes to take worms.  So we did not make compost on Friday. Maybe we will dig up some worms... 

On Friday Afternoon, we did this fabulous Pinterest inspired snack.  The original pin is here.  

We switched it up just a tad. 

Topsoil-Crushed Oreos to show the darker color with all the humus. You have to include the gummy worm too!
Subsoil-Multigrain Cheerios so show larger grains with a lighter color
Bedrock-Marshmallows- I wanted to use chocolate rocks but I couldn't find any!

The kids loved it.  It was a great review of the three layers of soil from earlier in the week.  I loved the way it showed that the layers don't just stop, and start. They intermingle and mix in a little where they meet. 

We had such a great time this week starting out our soil unit!  We actually got a lot farther in the unit than I had originally planned.  How awesome is that?  This post ended up being much longer than planned. I hope you stuck it out.  

Well, my eyes are getting sleepy, so it's time to head to bed.  Be sure to check out my brand spanking new Teacher Notebook Store! :)

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