Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch the Love Bug

Happy Hump Day!

Do you guys ever feel like other teachers judge you or think you are "showboating"  when you do creative and new things in your class?  Maybe I'm just too sensitive....


I have been meaning to thank Lisa and Beth at Made in the Shade in 2nd Grade. I won a $25 Target gift card from their giveaway. I LOVE their blog. It's so fun, definitely check it out! They are so sweet and always leave such sweet comment!

Well, I needed a trip to Target today.  I had totally planned on buying all school stuff, but the dollar spot was lacking today, so I ended up getting a few things for school and some much needed K Cups for my Keurig (that is kind of for school, right?)

I love that welcome sign! They had 8 packs of Sweethearts for just $2.50!  Great for my I Heart Math Activity! (Free on my TPT) Oh and no, Target does not sell cats now.  She just likes to be in pictures, I swear. 

Things have been so crazy at school, that we finally finished a Valentine's Activity that we started on Monday! Thank goodness we finished them so I could take some of my winter stuff down. We made the cutest little Love Bugs. I got the template from Teri at A Cupcake For Teacher.  I adjusted it a little to add some writing to it.  We just cut apart the body to make wings so we could place our writing underneath! The students wrote a paragraph about who they loved.  Some of them were so sweet!

We actually made something similar when I student taught Kindergarten.  The students wrote facts about ladybugs.  

Normally I just run things on construction paper and have the students cut it out and put it together.  Instead I just made templates for the kiddos and had them trace it.  I was amazed at how many had trouble just tracing.  That is probably why it took us two days to get the love bugs craft done! I am very pleased with how cute they turned out though!  

My kiddos must have the Valentines Spirit, because at the end of the day, I walked back to my kidney table and look what was on my laptop. 

 It says:

"Ms. Polk, your eyes are as brown as an eagle's eye. 
Ms. Polk is as beautiful as a swan. 
Ms. Polk, you are the sweetest teacher in the world. 
Ms Polk, your teeth are as white as the snow."

So sweet :)

Happy Thursday! 


  1. So sweet! I'm sure my coworkers say similar things about me. They've all been doing the same thing for 25+ years and I've been rockin' the boat a little bit. ;) Love all your Target finds!
    Stories From Second

  2. I love your polka dots! :) I think it is threatening when we think out of the box and make learning fun and cute. But...Be strong and carry on!!!

  3. Amber, stick with what you love :)
    Congrats on this win. Love the cat from Target...hehe.


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. I cannot get enough of your ideas! I just love them and look forward to doing this one tomorrow :)

  5. Love your Love Bugs! So cute, love the added writing part! And what a sweet note from your student! Your cat is definitely photogenic! :)


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