Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day and Shopped Out!

Happy Leap Day!  The last time we had a leap day was during my student teaching.  My goodness, how so much has changed in the past four years.  I wonder where I will be next leap day!  Well, I have a few ideas...but I'll spare you guys from that.

My kids were so intrigued with the concept of Leap Year!  They thought that it was pretty cool that they will be  in middle school when it happens again.  

Look at how cute our leap year froggies turned out!  

Some of them turned out looking a little psychotic different.I like their creativity though! :) 

After watching the Leap Year Video on BrainPop, we made a web map about what we learned.  So they took the facts and wrote a paragraph about why we need a leap year.  They ended their paragraph with how they would like to celebrate Leap Day. 

You can download the template for free if you haven't yet! It would be great for any frog activity!

Are you guys loving the TPT Sale??  There is so much more I would like to buy, but I controlled myself! Here is what I couldn't live without!
The Lorax Unit
I had planned on using it this week and next week for Seussy stuff, but it's so great that I'm going to save it for our recycling unit, so I can spend more time with it!

Money Pack: Activities, Printables, and Center Game
My kids always need extra practice with money! Plus it uses Ginger's Clipart. I love her stuff!

Dr. Seuss Biography Research Project for Read Across America
This is planned for tomorrow!

Elapsed Time Mini-Unit
I'll be teaching time next week....

Oh...The Places You'll Go {A Seuss Themed Time Capsule}
I can't wait to do this at the end of the year. 

basketball buddy {a craftivity}
cheerleader buddy {a craftivity}

My kids loved making her football players

If you haven't shopped yet, you have to!  Time is running out! Check out all the shops who are participating in this mega sale here. Be sure to stop by my 2 shops!  

3rd, 5th -
Everything is 20% off! An extra 10% off with the code L2P9Y

Everything is 30% off!


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