Monday, February 13, 2012

A Last Minute Valentine's Day Activity and a Freebie!

Well tomorrow is the day.

Valentine's  Day.

It seems like my kiddos get more hyped up for Valentine's Day then say Christmas.  They are so excited to pass out Valentine's. I am looking forward to getting 22 sweet little notes from my cuties!

I am LOVING this idea Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigans posted today!  


How cute is that Conversation Heart Writing??

I pinned it and in my comment I said "So saving this for next year"

Yeah I can't wait. I'm impulsive.  Always have been.

So I bought some more conversation hearts and we are doing something like this tomorrow.  Not entirely sure what, but it will be adorable. Maybe a poem, or a silly story, it will come to me.

I have a tendency to come up with things on the night before, or the day of, or a few minutes before.  I really hope I never have a principal that really makes me stick to my lesson plans that I write a week before.  I guess it goes back to my impulsiveness.

So I whipped up this writing paper to use tomorrow for this not all the way planned  spontaneous activity.  It's on Google Docs if you are in need of some Valentine's Writing Paper.
The hearts are by Graphics By The Pond. I completely forgot to put it on the PDF. Whoops! 

Thanks to blog world for my presents for my students!

The glowstick idea came from the awesome Teacher Wife, and Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B did the awesome HW Passes.  Yay for my Presents only costing $2.  I spend so much on them, it's nice to save every once and a while!

On another note, I stayed after school and organized my classroom library.  My big push it to get my third graders away from fantasy picture books. Reading Workshop has made the situation a lot better, but some of them are still fighting it.  So I've eliminated the problem.  These are the only fantasy picture books I have left in my room. 

Some of them may flip out in the morning, but I only left the ones that were at least a 3.5.  I am not completely mean though, I did leave out the historical fiction, realistic fiction and folktale books out.  These are usually a little more difficult to read and they barely get touched.  So hopefully this will not only get them reading chapter books, but widen their genre range from reading so much fantasy. 

Well Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope your kids aren't too sugared up tomorrow.  

Valentine's is such a great day to be a teacher! I feel loved by so many! :)


  1. I did conversation heart writing today with my 6th graders and they loved it! I actually posted a freebie for it too on my blog!

    My kids still love picture books as 6th graders. I have quite a few in my classroom that I use as mentor texts, but they still love to read them. Now if only I could get some of my boys reading something besides graphic novels!

    Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  2. Thanks for the writing paper. That's a super cute heart frame!
    Thanks also for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.
    Have a great day tomorrow!

    Grade ONEderful

  3. That paper is sooo cute. I wish I would've seen it last night so I could've used it today. next year!

    My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher


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