Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Measurement Freebies!

I am feeling a little better. Not wonderful, but well enough to make it to school tomorrow hopefully!

Like I told you guys last night, we started our Measurement unit!  Measurement is a hard concept for a lot of students, but I really like it because it's so easy to have LOTS of hands on activities!

Before I started off the unit, we did a real quick Graffiti Write, to see what the students thought of when they think of the word measurement.

Obviously my students only think of measuring length! Hopefully they will have lots more to add at the end of the unit. (Don't ask me why my pictures are turned like that).

The first lesson we did was the Introducing Customary Length. The students were given 12 inch squares and a recording sheet.  They had to measure different things such as a pencil, a crayon, a textbook, the height of a desk and the length of a classroom.

This pair figured out that their textbook was 11 inches long, so then they measured their desk using that as a benchmark! This same pair realized that the floor tiles were 12 inches wide, so they used that to figure out the length of the room! Smart kiddos!

Then we came together and discussed what was easy to measure and what was more difficult. They quickly realized they did not want to measure the length of the classroom in inches!  So we talked about the concept of a foot.  

The students used a strip of masking tape to create a 12 inch ruler. Then they used the ruler to measure the things that were more difficult to measure using the inch. 

They realized that it was much easier, but it still took a while! So then we came back together and combined three of the rulers into a yard.  Creating a yardstick this way, was a great way to see that there were 36 inches in a yard.

It was such a great lesson!  I wish I could have been at school today to see what they measured for homework. They took their rulers home and found things to measure! I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

If you liked this lesson, you can download it for FREE, with all of the printables you need, including directions, the inch squares, recording sheet and homework! I told you guys before about it, but I thought you'd like to see it in action!  Just click here to download.  I have the whole unit at my TPT store for $7.00!

I have also created a Measurement Project to send home with my students tomorrow.  I had the idea from a website that you um, now have to pay for.  So I just made my own and I'm sharing it with you guys! :) Click here to download! It included directions, recording sheet and rubric.  I can't wait to see my students' projects! I'll definitely share with you guys when they are finished!

Wow, what a long post. At least there were tons of pictures! 

As always I HEART comments! :)


  1. How cute was this! I LOVE the Graffiti write!Love the critical thinking of the kiddos using the desk and floor tiles! P.S. Congratulations on your big win! Check your email if you haven't yet!


  2. Glad you are beginning to feel better.
    Even though we only know each other in blogland, I've been thinking of you.

    Thanks for the favorite follower award. I'd give it right back to you, but you gave it to me :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Tag-You're it!
    So glad you found me and then I found you--Great blog
    Learn with ME in Grade Three

  4. I'm sending this project home TOMORROW! Lets see how many students actually do it;)


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