Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Shop and Permission?

Well, I opened up a Teacher's Notebook Shop.  I figured since all the cool kids were doing it, like Jen and Elizabeth, I should too!


Right now I have added all of my "For Sale" Items that I have on TPT, no freebies yet though. They'll be up there soon! I'm working on some new stuff right now too. Hopefully I'll get some things finished up this weekend. Be sure to go and follow my store so you'll be the first to find out about my new stuff.

Isn't this whole pinning thing crazy?  I pin, pin, pin away.  I have pinned from a lot of blogs not even thinking about it. Check out Laura Candler's Post  if you haven't heard anything about it! Apparently when you pin something, Pinterest owns the right to the picture.

Feeeeel free to pin something from my blog, I've added the Permission to Pin button on my blog.  In fact, I love seeing something from my blog pinned. It makes my little heart happy! Just be sure that your pin is a link to my blog, and not a google image or something.

Well, I have about a gazillion things I want to post about, but I've got to run.  I may break the rules and be back later today! :)

Enjoy your Saturday!

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