Monday, February 27, 2012

TPT Leapy Linky

I love Linky Parties, I loooove sales and I love buying awesome teaching materials! Voila, the perfect combination.  (well perfect, would mean that I would have plenty of extra money to buy the stuff & Channing Tatum was helping me cut and laminate)

I am sure you guys have seen this floating around blogworld.  Especially since there is already like 140 people who have linked up!

So here's the lowdown, if you haven't heard already. On Leap Day, Wednesday 2/29, everything at my TPT store will be 20% off! One day only people! Then when you check out just use the extra 10% off code. That's 28% off!

I can't leave out my Teacher Notebook friends either! Everything there will be on sale for 30% off! ONE DAY ONLY! :)

So go and link up if you haven't already! Plus, you'll have all the links to tons of great shops!!!! Here is a link to Farley's Blog because that is who I originally linked up with, but there are several other awesome blogs hosting too.  You only have to link up once though!

Tonight I plan on adding some things to my wishlist so it will be eazy peazy come Wednesday!

Happy Shopping Friends!

3rd, 5th -

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