Friday, March 23, 2012

3-6 Free Resources Blog

I just wanted to let you guys know about this new FABULOUS blog for 3-6 teachers!

My friend Misty over at Think, Wonder & Teach just started it.  It's just what the name implies, free resources for us 3-6 teachers.  There are so many great resources out there from amazing bloggers and this is a place where Intermediate teachers can find these free resources compiled! Plus it's coffee themed. Yum!  There is also a place to link your blog by grade level. 

I am a contributor and there are some other fine ladies who are too!  So definitely go check it out now!  I mean now.  Well, after you enter my giveaway of course! :)  


  1. Good to know about your resources because this is really interesting and beneficial not only for your but for others also. If you are a student or worker on, you should also select your sources of knowledge that will lead to the answer that you want.


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