Thursday, March 15, 2012

Classroom Library Organization, VOILA!

Today was a half day at school.  I won't see the kiddos until Monday.  Tomorrow I'm doing my first Professional Development for my staff.  I'm a little nervous, but I feel prepared.

Today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day early.  We didn't do a ton.  Such a crazy day.  We played with Math St. Patrick Games, read some leprechaun books and did Lucky Charm Math.

I know there were some fabulous blog created Lucky Charms math, but I've been in a blog daze lately and I didn't have time to find one.  Luckily my teammate had this one for me.  The kids had fun with it!  

Now the main reason for my post. I am in love.

My dear friend Elisabeth told me about Booksource's Classroom Organizer

I have always had issues with students taking losing my books. It is so frustrating to not be able to find a book or find a book stuffed inside a scary desk or bookbag.  Voila, Classroom Organizer has helped solve that problem! I now have an Online Classroom Library System!

It takes some work, but it is well worth it!  First, you have to add all of the books in your library.  There is a Smartphone app to scan in the ISBN Code and add it to the library.  I did this for about the first 50, but it seemed like every one that worked, there were 5 that didn't work.  So it ended up being faster to just enter in the ISBN Code on the computer. 

It took me about a week to enter in the titles.  Then I was able to introduce it to my students!  

The kids love it so far! I set up my class Netbook by the Classroom Library.  At first I supervised, now my trusty Classroom Librarian does it!  

To check out a book, the students simply find their name and type in the first word of the book.  Then they just click checkout.  

To return a book, they just find their name and the list of books they have checked out pop up and they check it back in. 

EAZY PEAZY! Now I know where all of my books are! 

Does anyone else use this site to organize their classroom library?   

Oh and if you are a 3-5 teacher, be sure to check out this linky party!

I can't wait to explore these new blogs! I already have some new followers from the linky party! Thanks guys! 

Happy Friday! :)


  1. OMG! What a life-saver this will be for my library books! Now I need a parent who will come in and scan them all :)

    I just joined your blog via Fabulous 4th Grade Froggie's Linky Party. Can't wait to read more.

    Happy Thursday!


  2. I am your newest follower :)
    Lucky charms is always a big hit with the kids... check out my blog sometime :)

  3. I love that library system - so cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Teaching With Style

  4. I actually saw this and created an account...but didn't know what to do with it. Now I know! Thank you for this post...I know what I will be doing next week:) I found you through the linky party, and I'm your newest follower!


  5. I also love the library thing! I am going to start adding my books tomorrow. I wanted to read a book the other day to the class, and I knew what basket it was supposed to be in... but it was in someone's book basket and I was going crazy looking for it! Now that won't happen, yeah!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  6. Hi...I found you through the Linky Party! I am your newest follower. I love the post about your classroom library. I look forward to reading your blog. :)

  7. Hi Amber! Thanks for the info on the book library! I have been looking for a system that is easy to use for my students.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Oh my gosh....this is an amazing website! It is totally what I my 6th grade librarians are probably responsible enough to add the books themselves :) This totally makes my day!
    To The Square Inch

  9. I tried to get your link for the Reader's Workshop book available on Acrobat but I couldn't find the link. Could you help direct me?

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