Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreaming of the Ocean and a Freebie!

Wheweee! Friday!  So close I can taste it.

I am so jealous of all you guys who have already had spring break!  It still seems ages away.  We have parent conferences on April 4, and Spring Break starts the next day.  Trust me, I did not make this calendar.

Well, we have been all about patterns and number relationships this week in math.  Sounds easy right? Yep, they are having so much trouble.  (I think they may be in need of a break too).  So, I decided to make some games to help us with these skills.

So, my Diving In with Patterns and Relationships Game Pack was born!  I had planned on having it done a while ago, but that certainly didn't happen.

There are 5 games total! 

1. Diving In with Repeating Patterns (shapes, letters and numbers)
2. Sea Creature Sequences (number sequences
3. Tables Rule the Ocean (finding a rule in a table)
4. Equations Under the Sea (matching a numerical expression with words)
5. Comparing Coastal Expressions (Greater than, less than or equal to with expressions)

It's $3.50 at my TPT Store and TN Shop!

Well if you were paying attention to the title, you saw the word freebie!  To go along with the games, I created four worksheets reviewing the skills from the games.  

Go and grab them at my TPT Store or TN Shop!  

I used KPM Doodle's Sea Creature Clipart. Isn't it just so cute???


Have a great Friday!

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog from 3-6 resources and I am your newest follower! I love your work and I am going to have to enter your giveaway!
    Stop by my blog anytime!

    One Teacher's Take"


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