Friday, March 30, 2012

Lapbook Winners

I hope everyone had a great week this week!

As promised, I said I would give away my Geometry Lapbook to two lucky people! After reading all of your great comments about foldables, I decided to give it away to five people! :)

I'll be emailing you guys the file shortly! 

I also wanted to let you know that I have some Spring Fever going on so I am having a sale at my TPT Store! Everything is 15% off today and tomorrow only!

I have lots I want to talk about, but I'm awfully out of it right now! will wait! Have a great Friday night! 


  1. thank you, amber, for the free geometry lapbook!!!i love it and can't wait to use it with my students!!!

  2. This polka dotted blog is so nice. I am also a teacher of primary class and your ideas always prove beneficial for me to deliver lecture. It is difficult for the students to learn from and books. But learning through different class activity sharpened the mind and make the lesson easy for students.


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