Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Goodies, Currently and a Time Freebie!

Man, what a Monday! Benchmark Testing all day.  My kids worked so hard on that reading test! I hope that the first part of the Math Test goes well tomorrow.

I went into the office today and look what was sitting there with my name written on it!

This girl loves office supplies! Just saying.  The secretary said that they drew my name and I won it!  I think it's just because they know how poor fabulous I am!

It's book fair week too.  I love buying new books! I didn't plan on buying this many, whoops. 

They were all on sale for $1.99 or $2.50! Except for one of the Magic Treehouse Books, but my kids love them and it was about Ireland and Leprechauns.  I really needed some new novels for my kiddos on a 4th and 5th grade reading level. So Holla!

Then to make the day even better, Farley's Currently!

My students would call me Predictable since I do the same silly things constantly. My friends would say I am positive because I try to look on the bright side usually!My parents are the main ones that would call me poor, seeing as they are the ones I go to when I need some assistance. :)

Go and Link Up!!

Last, but not least...I have a freebie for you!  

I wanted to review time and teach the dreaded Elapsed Time this week in the midst of Benchmarks.  Plus it kind of fit in with our measurement unit we just finished up.  

I thought I would introduce the mini unit with this cool little pin I've seen on Pinterest. 

Source: via Amber on PinterestL

Then I realized that I didn't have any paper plates.  I was too comfortable on my couch to go to the store and Lord knows I wouldn't make it to Wal-Mart on a Monday Morning!

So I opted to make one on the computer.  Two plus sides.
1. It fit nicely in our math journals. 
2. I didn't have to spend forever precutting plates or pulling my hair out to explain how to do it. 

You can download the Free Template at my TN Shop or TPT Shop!  

Leave a comment or some feedback if you download! :)


  1. Love all the books you got! And love that you won that awesome basket!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I would like to please please please borrow Weenies and read it!!!!!! We should also hit up Sweet Frog for Fro Yo. It could be our after taco treat :)

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  3. Just stopping by via Farley's. Thanks for the freebie! I'm your newest follower. Come by when you get a chance.

    Waving from The Chatterbox,

  4. Thanks for the neat clock with the counting by fives idea. Use a purchased roman numeral clock with "counting by 5's" around the outer rim. Seems to help the students.

  5. Love the clock! It came just "in time" for my unit:)

  6. cute cute cute!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    ❃ Ann Marie
    ABCs and 123s 4 me

  7. Love the clock...what a fun way to help count by fives. Multiplication anyone?!

  8. Leave it to you, Amber to create something even better than the original Pinterest inspiration.


    Fun in Room 4B

  9. Amber! hey girl! so jealous of your mini-vaca! have a fantastic time!
    Pretty Little Liars (just watching the episode I recorded on dvr) shhh! lol
    I think we have a similar tv addiction :)
    when are your tests? mine are in about 5 weeks ugggg!

  10. I love your clock! I am embarking on time this week, ugh . . . wish me luck : )

  11. Awesome freebie for my daughter to practise telling time and learning to count by 5's!

  12. Great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Awesome! I am a homeschool mum and just started teaching time, so this comes in very handy. Thank you!!

  14. This is great- I had seen the paper plate version, and I was trying to figure out how to make it work with my learning support students. I love the printable version you have here and plan to use it tomorrow! My kids need a hands on version and this will be perfect!

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