Friday, March 16, 2012

What a Character!


Today I did my Pinterest and Google Reader training! I think some of you guys said some prayers for me, because I feel like it went very well!  I think it was well recieved because it is something I am passionate about, it truly has made me a better teacher.  I'll post about it later in detail once I get some feedback from the teachers who attended.

Today was a Workday and I was hoping to get a lot done.  The problem was so nice inside.  It was so hot in my classroom.  I just wanted to enjoy the weather.  I couldn't concentrate on anything in my room.  So I was naughty and left a little early.  I do so much work at home though, I'm sure it evens out!

I wanted to share some of our shared reading activities from this week.  We were finishing up our big unit on Growing Alongside Our Characters in Reading Workshop and I wanted to spend some time talking about character traits. Every year it amazes me that these kiddos do not know some common words (which always seem to appear on that big test).

Amanda from One Extra Degre has a great Character Traits unit based on the book Many Luscious Lollipops!  There are lots of great activities included in her packet! My kids loved the lollipop activities!

Here are some cool things we did from her packet about character traits.  The packet includes these short passages about different "characters", so the students worked in small groups to come up with traits about the character.

 Here is the poster we made with Amanda's cute posters!

The students wrote about their own "character traits"

 This kiddo definitely used obnoxious as one of his character traits. He is so funny!

Well hopefully come test time my students will actually remember some of these character traits.  More importantly hopefully they will throw away the word "nice".  I can't stand when they use that word to describe a character! Is that just me???

Well have a great weekend! I'm hoping to get my creative juices flowing tomorrow and Sunday! :) 

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  1. This is a very cute idea! I have loved finding all the new blogs from the linky. I am your newest follower.


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