Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coffee and Crafts


Thanks for all of the postive feedback on my "ROADS" Testing Strategy!  It has been going great in my classroom.  I even had one of the bigwigs in the county come in my classroom on Friday during our Reading Test Prep time and she was super impressed.  She was glad to see actual instruction and thinking, not just "drill and kill."


Thanks to all of those that commented on my Voicethread Post!  As promised, I chose one lucky person to win a $5 Starbucks Card!
Congrats to
 Jillian from

I'll be getting a hold of you very soon!!  


I got my gift from the Pinteresting Teacher Blogger Exchange on Wednesday! I love getting mail!  Especially when it is this ADORABLE!

Check out this awesome Magnet Board!

Look around this blog...what are my favorite colors?  Hot Pink and Lime Green! Plus there are polka dots and stripes! I love it!  Plus, check out that magnetic lime green flower! So cute!  

It's from Holly in California! I tried searching to see if she had a blog, but I couldn't find her! So if you are the fabulous Holly or you know her, let me know!  If she doesn't have a blog, she should because anyone who can make something that adorable has to have great ideas! 

Thanks Holly!!!  

It's funny that Holly sent me a magnet board, because I made Leea at Set this Circus Down a Magnet board too! 

I made it out of a cookie sheet, scrapbook paper, ribbon and Mod Podge. (Don't you just love that stuff!) I hope you liked it Leea!!!

Be sure to head over and check out everyone's gifts!  

Thanks to Caitlyn and Sarah for organizing everything!


I had some requests for some more Math Lapbooks, so I'm hoping to get some of those started and finished over the next couple weeks.  Do you have any thing you would like to see in a lapbook?  :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!  


  1. Hi my friend! Glad you loved the magnet memo board! I am actually Heather from CAli...:). I love your blog sooooo much! Made your roads chart on Thursday.....fabulous! Here is a link to my blog....


  2. I love the magnet board. Thanks for sharing!


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