Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jelly Beans, Kites, Bunnies, Oh My!

We have been so busy this week.  Tomorrow is a half day. Then Student Led Conferences.  Then SPRING BREAK!  Yeah you read that right, conferences the day before spring break. No comment.

This might be a long one, so get ready.  (There is a freebie at the end!)

Since tomorrow is just a half day , we had our Easter/Spring Celebration today.  Nothing too fancy, but they have been so hyped up all week, I just decided it was best to give in and hype them up some more.

So we did some jelly bean math.  Yum, Starburst Jelly Beans! I was going to make my own, because sometimes it is hard to find fun holidays math activities for upper elementary.  Things have been so crazy, I decided to look on TPT, I am glad I did!  I found a fabulous jelly bean math activity! You can check it out here!

Well since I wanted to give credit to the person who made this, I went back to TPT and lo and  behold this seller has a blog.  Check out Erin at The Elementary Adventure.  I am her newest follower! I couldn't resist the polka dots.  It looks like she is pretty new to blogging, so check her out!

Since I am not doing an Egg Hunt with my kids, I had to do A Cupcake for the Teacher's Hippity Hoppin' Hunt!  My kids loooooved finding the clues!  I think some of my kiddos really believed a sweet little bunny left us these goodies!

Now, like I said, conferences are tomorrow.  So I had to have lots of fun student work up!  So we have been busy crafting/working/writing away!  I really believe in plastering student work everywhere, so it's not really that unusual.  

Here are some of the things we have up now!

Pinterest Inspired Coffee filter eggs.  I love crafting with coffee filters. So easy.  Color with markers and spritz with water!

Symmetrical Painted Butterflies

"Egg-cellent" Writing! Another Pinterest Inspired idea! The Writing Paper and header is free from What the Teacher Wants!

The last thing we made were Numeration Kites.  The students were given a number and they wrote it in standard form, expanded form and word form on the kite.  Then they created an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division number sentence using that number.  

That's the freebie! I have put the templates, directions and several different teaching ideas to use for the kite!  It is free at my Teacher's Notebook Shop. It would be at my TPT Store, but it isn't letting me upload!

If you download, let me know how you plan on using it.  I'd love to hear some different ideas! :) 

Have a great night!  


  1. I enjoyed your post. It was egg-cellent. Thanks for the ideas! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

  2. Great idea, I can't wait to have the kiddies do the jelly-bean activities! Love the art work!
    We are on Spring Break in-one more day! Have a nice vacation Amber :)

  3. Thanks so much for the kite freebie! I can't wait to use it with my second graders, of course we'll only be doing addition and subtraction sentences. :)
    Every time I read your blog, it just reminds me how much I miss third grade, I taught it for four years and loved every minute of it!
    Good luck with your conferences!
    Stories From Second

  4. Great ideas! I especially love the numeration kites.

    Good luck with your conferences! Enjoy your break.


  5. What beautiful eggs! Tag your it! Come over to my blog to check it out!
    Rambling About Reading

  6. I believe in plastering the walls with student work too!!! :) have a great day tomorrow!!!

  7. Thanks for the tag! :) I'm glad you and your kids enjoyed the jelly bean math! My room mom put all my jelly beans inside Easter eggs and had the kids open them up to count. They thought it was the best thing ever! :)


    Elementary Adventure


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