Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Currently!

I know, I am late to the party.

It has been one of those weeks months.

So I am finally linking up with the Fabulous Farley!

You get it? I love polka dots and my last name is Polk. How Perfect? 

Be sure to link up with Farley if you haven't already!

Tonight, I had the great honor to attend our County's Dinner and Celebration for Teacher of the Year, Asst. Principal of the Year and Principal of the Year.  I wasn't a finalist or anything, but it is really nice to spend some time with other educators who love what they do!

Plus I got a nifty bell to commemorate being Teacher of the Year for my Fabulous School!

Everyone wave to Mark over there chilling on the yellow couch! He is really enjoying watching Glee...yeah right.

Night guys! I sure am beat! I think that's the theme for this week. 

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  1. Completely agree on the less testing = better students. We don't test for another 2 weeks, and I'm just ready for it to all be over. They added TEIs (Technology Enhanced Items) to our tests, and the entire state is completely freaked about them! Thanks for following my blog!


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