Monday, May 21, 2012

Robots and Bubble Gum

Man, it's only Monday!  Remediation started today.  It um, went.

I did leave at 11:30 today though.  I was roped into volunteered to be a coach for our school's Robotic Team next year.  It is a new program that each elementary and middle school are able to participate in with the help of grant money.  I was awfully nervous about being a coach, but after taking our team to the training today, I feel much better! It's going to be a blast! We plan on replicating

Well not really, the robots are built out of Legos. Our team is so winning the competition next year! :)

On another note, bubble sheets are of the devil. Can I get an Amen?

I mainly hate them because I despise taking my little #2 pencil and erasing stray marks or making those faint pencil marks nice and dark.

Thank goodness Elisabeth told me of a nice little trick she used to bribe convince her kiddos to clean up their answer sheet in exchange for bubble gum!  I loved it!

My kiddos loved it too! I've never had such clean scan sheets.  You know, anything to make my life a little easier.

Well I planned on having the bubble gum for them on Friday. Well that didn't happen.  Did I have it today? Nope, forgot!

So I finally got around to grabbing some gum and made some cute little tags to go with it. You know, to make up for being 2 days late.

You can grab them from Google Docs for free.  I know everyone is probably done testing, but there is always next year. 


  1. Love it. Hopefully this will help those that are bubble challenged next year

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. I think I will use this tomorrow since it's our first day of testing :)

  3. I think I will use this tomorrow since it's our first day of testing :)

  4. We haven't started testing either. Will def share this with my teachers!

  5. I'm a new third grade blogger and I love your blog. Such great ideas!!


  6. I searched Elisabeth's blog and couldn't find her fantastic bubble tips...a little help please!!!

    1. She didn't post about it, she told me about it in conversation. It's easy, all I did was encourage my students to clean up their bubble sheets. I told them they would get 2 pieces for each clean sheet, but you can do whatever bribery you want to do! :)


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