Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shootin' Some Hoops!

(Stick around to the end...Freebie and Flash Sale!!)

It's only Wednesday.  Really?

My kids have been great little workers this week, but it has still been a long week.

It's good that they have been hard workers because we were still trying to finish up our math curriculum!   Guess what?? We finished today!  So for the next week and a half we will be reviewing those tricky concepts.

The last unit for the year was Graphing and Probability.  Here is what we did to learn all about graphing!

We have been reading graphs throughout the year with our Weekly Readers and in our Content Areas, so that was why I wasn't too concerned about doing it last.

We have centered a lot of our learning on one set of data!  We started off by collecting the data by using a tally chart. They were split into groups of 4 or 5 and they made paper balls and shot them into buckets.  They took turns shooting, recording data, keeping time and retrieving the paper balls.

They had a blast!  

Then they took the data and each group created a bar graph and pictograph.

Then we combined all of our data and created a class line plot. 

It was a great way to discuss probability and making predictions by looking at a collection of data! 

Then, as a class we created circle graphs with the class data.  Circle graphs are the most difficult to make so we did the majority of it together.  It was a great review of fractions!  We grouped the number of shots together, 0-2, 3-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13 and up.  Then we were able to see that about 1/2 of the class threw between 7-9 shots.  

Lots of Graphs! 

Here is a Freebie for you! It's the recording sheet the kiddos used to record their free throws. 

Most of these activities are in my Graphing Unit! 

I wasn't able to do the full unit in my classroom, because of lack time, but it includes several more fun activities for bar graphs and circle graphs than the ones here! If your're interested, it's at TPT and TN! For the next 24 hours I'll put it on sale for $3.00! That's half off! :)

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Have a great rest of the week! Hey it's half way over!


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