Saturday, May 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Man it has been a crazy week! Which is why I am just now linking up with 3-6 Free Resources first linky! 

The topic this month is Teacher Appreciation! How does your school celebrate?

It is a week long event at our school.  We have a great PTO and they try to spoil us as much as possible.  

On Monday they bring us a Breakfast.  This year it was Panera Bagels. YUM YUM YUMMY!

Then on Friday, they give us a Luncheon!  It just happened to be Panera again! We were able to order ahead of time, so I had a Ceasar Salad and Turkey Sandwich.  The food was great, but the best part was adult conversation and a lunch that lasted a WHOLE HOUR!  We ask parent volunteers to come in and watch our class during the hour.  I've always had parents willing to help. 

The PTO also sends a note home with ideas for the kiddos to show some love to the teachers. Sometimes it makes me feel a little uncomfortable, because some kids just can't do it. So I don't ever make a big deal of it. 

Monday- Gum or Mints
Tuesday- A flower picked from the yard 
Wednesday- A candy bar
Thursday- a hand written note or card
Friday- Change to buy a drink

The last day always makes me feel uncomfortable.  So I always use the change to buy all my kiddos a treat or something.  

My favorite day is the hand written cards. Here are some of the ones I got this year!

At the end it says "PS And that hug yesterday meant the world to me." Almost made me cry!

I love the ones where they draw a picture of me!

"Surprises are filled inside you Ms. Polk." haha!

This is from one of my low low babies.  I ignored the awful writing and just told him how sweet.  I also didn't tell him that 6 x 5 does not equal 28. 

So that is how we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week at our School. How do you? 

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  1. I love the notes that your students gave you. They are so sweet, especially the one about the hug.



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