Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fabulous Finds Linky

Well, I already posted once today.  You'll forgive me right?

Besides, I'm heading to Charleston tomorrow with my Hunny, so I doubt I'll be posting Sunday.  So it evens out! :)

Anyways, my dear friend Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B is having her very first linky party! So, I just had to link up.

It's all about new things that you just can't live without! It's not Friday, but I'm sure she won't mind!

Well, my first one is

I love these hair ties! Yeah, they are from TeenVogue, but so what. I'm hanging on to my teen years. haha.  They don't pull your hair out, aka AWESOME.  Plus, I have fat wrists. So most hair ties cut off my circulation. These don't. Hence the love.  I got them in my Birchbox a month or two ago and I had to go and order them.  They are a little pricey, but so worth it.

Now, for school.
Well, this isn't really a recent find, because I've used it for a couple of years.  But I started using it in the classroom this year.

I used it for Classical music during work time.  I used Disney Radio for rewards. We even listened to Hawaiian music on Hawaii Day!

Does anyone else use Pandora in the classroom?  Have you found a fabulous station to use?

Well those are two of the things that I've recently fallen in love with! What have you fallen in love with lately? Be sure to link up with Elizabeth and share!

Oh, and I'm almost to 500 Followers. Maybe, a big celebration is in order....

Have a great Sunday!

Shopping Frenzy & Flash Sale!!

Whoo-eee! I have been shopping up a storm over the past few days. I have probably spent way too much money, but I usually do!

So, I'm linking up with  Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files for her

I love that graphic. 

So here it goes..

I stopped in Goodwill the other day. Should not have done it!  They had a ton of children's novels and they were all in great shape!!  Goosebumps, Magic Treehouse, Beverly Cleary, Shel Silverstein!

I love all these little odds and ends!

Ahhh! I love these finds.  Aren't those rugs adorable???  I can't wait to put them in my classroom library!  
I needed a new chair too to put over in my meeting area.  I love this chair's shape and its low to the ground.  It's comfy too. It's currently in my apartment and Mark has decided that is where he likes to sit.  I want to cover it with something polka-dotty.

I forgot to include these in my cute little graphic!  They are from IKEA. A five pack is $2!  These will be kids book boxes this year.  

Of course I had to buy something for me! 

I've bought a few other odds and ends that I've been busy crafting with. I'll share those with you on Monday for Tara's Linky Party! :) 

My bank account is probably upset with me.  But, hey can't you tell this week was payday?? haha!

Oh and in other shopping news.  My principal is buying me 

Yay! I know most of you probably already have one, but we don't have them in the upper grades at my school.  Now I no longer have to thumbtack my flipcharts to the walls! haha!

My principal rocks, I've learned that if I just ask, she can usually make it happen!  Two years ago I asked for a Kidney Table and I had one before school started! Then last year I asked for a flip camera and I had two when I got to school. It's nice to have a principal who has your back! 

Well, I'm going to spend my day trying to stay cool and starting to pack up my apartment. Booooo! 

Oh, and I'm having a FLASH SALE at my TPT Store! 

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Spotlight Series: Fun In Room 4B

I am loving these guest posts during

So many great ideas!  

Today I am so excited to have one of my very best and first bloggy friends, Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4B! She is an AWESOME 4th grade teachers with such great ideas!  Not to mention that she is incredibly crafty.    I can't wait to meet her at the Carolina Bloggy Meetup!!  

Be sure to make her feel at home (and visit her blog after your done reading)!

Hi everyone, Elizabeth here from Fun in Room 4B:

Amber was looking for guest bloggers and of course I told her yes!  She was one of my very first bloggy buddies and I'm always learning something unique and useful from her.

I wanted to share with you some of the ideas I have regarding Math Workshop/Math Rotations/Math Stations.  See, I have to say all of these because what I do in my classroom is a jumble of all three "methods".  To save energy, I will call it Math Rotations.  (Which is what I call it in my classroom...simply because the students "rotate" between 4 different "stations".

I started teaching this way last January and love it!

First, I found the Math Rotations Board from Clutter-Free Classroom.  It uses the acronym MATH for organizing how your "rotate" from one activity to the next. {I love a good acronym.}

M-Math Facts 
A-At Your Seat
T-Teacher's Choice
H-Hands On

Here's a picture of my board (purchased from Clutter-Free Classroom):

Let me break down what we do at each "station".
Math Facts- This is where I have my students work on Math 4 Today.  This is a daily drill that is spiraled curriculum reviewing all fourth grade skills.  There are only 4 questions to complete, so when they are finished with that, they start their At Your Seat Work.
At Your Seat- This is where my students complete the Independent Practice from the math book.  However, this is the work from the previous day's small group work.  So, for example in the picture above, my students were completing lesson 16-5.  I had taught 16-5 the day BEFORE in the Teacher's Choice Station.
Teacher's Choice- This is my small group instruction time.  My students are grouped into 4 different groups based on their ability (mainly their MAP testing data with a little teacher judgement thrown in there, too).  Again, I teach the lesson that the students will be completing the NEXT day during their "At Your Seat" station.  So, in the picture above, I was teaching 16-6.  Make sense?
Hands On- This is what most think of as real "Stations" or "Centers".  I use this time to have my students work with a variety of materials.  As you can see on the board above, I am lucky enough to have 3 iPods.  One is from the school, one is my son's old iPod and the last one is my iPhone-Yes, I let my students use it for stations-gasp!  I also have math sharks (electronic flashcards), Hot Dots and other "hands-on" materials. 

I differentiate their hands on work, too.  For example, when using the Hot Dots, I have three different levels for those.  I've separated them by level and put them in index card accordian file (like for coupons) that I got from the Target Dollar that Dollar Bin.  (Sorry that I don't have a picture for that.)

As you can see in the picture above, each group (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4) all rotate through all stations during each math lesson.  For example, using the picture above, Group 1 will go to stations in this order:

1st-Math Facts
2-Teacher's Choice
3-At Your Seat
4-Hands On

 If you are interested in reading more about how I made it work in my classroom, you can go to {here} and read more.

Thanks, Amber, for letting me guest post.  I enjoyed sharing what I do in math.  Seeing as that is my only subject next year, I'd better like talking about it :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winning and a Polka Dot Craft!

Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday!!

My mom took me out on Monday and I have a new favorite restaurant.  It's called Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar.  Yep, that's right, sushi and burgers.  It was delicious!

I've been dreaming about this Crab Rangoon Dip since I had it Monday!

So good!

Then my dearest friend Kayla brought me some Princess Funfetti Cupcakes!

I promise that I didn't just eat on my birthday...although I like eating...haha. 

Well, I have the giveaway winners!

Congrats to Jackie from

and Elizabeth from 

Congrats to two of my favorite ladies!! :)

I'm also linking up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera! 

Last night I got to crafting!   Can you guess what I made??  

Yep, I made some cute "Read" Letters to hang in my classroom library! I know we have seen them all over Pinterest, but I love how different these letters are. They are so me!

So first, I spraypainted them black. I LOVE spray paint. 

Then I used an eraser to make lime green and pink polka dots. 
I saw this on Pinterest and it worked soooo well.  I loved the way the polka dots looked.
Here is the finished product and I am in LOVE with it!  
Aren't they ADORABLE??? I cannot wait to hang them up in my classroom library!

Be sure to head over and check out all of the awesome ideas that are already posted.  There are some fabulous ones! 

I am planning on going to IKEA this afternooon.  We are lucky enough to have one in Charlotte but I haven't been in forever. Is there anything I must check out?  

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Spotlight Series: 3rd Grade Thoughts

I have another FABULOUS guest for my Summer Spotlight Series

It is the awesome Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts!  I adore her blog and she is sweet as can be!  She always makes the cutest little graphics!  Make sure you make her feel at home! :)

I am so excited to be guest blogging here at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher! I am Stephanie, from 3rd Grade Thoughts.
3rd Grade Thoughts

If you follow my blog, you know I am loving the chevron (zig-zag) print this summer. It's popping up everywhere and everything about it makes me very, very happy :)

So happy, in fact, I am remaking a lot of my classroom decor to fit this lovely chevron theme. I have lots of it posted in my TpT Store already and more is on its way!

Another thing that makes me happy are pennant banners. Have you seen them popping up all over Pinterest?

Aren't they just lovely?

I am so excited for the upcoming 4th of July festivities- our little town sets off a huge display at the lake near our house, so we can actually sit out on our deck and see them perfectly! It's pretty awesome :) I have always loved fireworks, sparklers, barbeques, friends, and summertime, so this holiday is definitely one on my favorites.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I made a chevron pennant banner and it's available for FREE in my TpT Store!
To assemble this is super-easy:
  • Print out on cardstock
  • Cut out
  • Punch two holes on both corners
  • String a ribbon or twine in and out of the holes and hang!
If you would prefer, you can also leave a tab above the top of the flag, then fold over a ribbon- this way there are no holes. It looks a bit smoother this way.

Another option is to laminate (good for an outdor party!) and/or mount on some fun paper. Enjoy this addition to your 4th of July Party!

What are your plans for Independence Day? I hope you have a wonderful holiday and lots and lots of festive fun with friends & family!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Made It- Teacher Toolbox

Since I'm completely and officially on Summer Break, I had some time to actually get around to making something and linking up with Tara for

I've been itching to make a Teacher Toolbox since I first saw it on Pinterest months ago! Rebecca at Create-Teach-Share started it all! I'm pretty late to the game since I've seen a ton of them around, but I still wanted to share! 

A couple of weeks ago I won an Amazon Gift Card from Laura at Love To Teach!  So I used my gift card to buy a toolbox!  I wanted one that was taller than most of the ones I've seen around.  I don't have a desk, so I don't have a ton of space.  I found the perfect one!  I ordered it and it arrived when I was at the beach. Here is the link to this box on Amazon! Only $13! So I spent my Sunday evening watching True Blood and making my Teacher Toolbox!

Didn't it turn out great?  It was so easy to make since Elizabeth created a template.  I filled each of the boxes using "image fill". That way it will match the polka dotted and chevron theme I'm using in my classroom this year!

I can't wait to take it to school and fill it up with all of my supplies!  That makes me such a dork, I know.  You all know that you would feel the same way though....

Hopefully I'll have time to make something new this week! Be sure to link up with Tara if you made something this week! :)

Oh and today is my Birthday!  Don't forget to check out my Birthday Sale and Giveaway!  Everything is 20% off!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Well, tomorrow is actually my birthday. I'll be 26 tomorrow.  Sometimes I feel like I am still such a baby, and some days I feel so old!  I guess that's growing up!

I've been doing lots of celebrating!

On Wednesday, I went to Myrtle Beach with my mom, boyfriend and my friend Kayla.  We went to visit my little brother who is working at a youth camp there.  Plus, my mom had some meetings to go to for her work.  So we just made a little trip out of it!

On the beach

At a Pirate Mini-Golf Place!

My little brother as Cesar Flickerman.  He was the EmCee for the camp's Hunger (Minute to Win It) Games! We made that jacket with modge podge and glitter! 

It was a great couple of days. Although I did get sunburned!

Last night, I went out with some friends to celebrate my birthday! Plus, our favorite bans was performing their very last show. I meant to take more pictures but that didn't happen. 

My very best bloggy friend, Elisabeth, came too!

I loved that dress! I got it on sale at Target! I'm certainly paying for the fun I had last night.  I haven't done anything today at all!

I'm not really sure what I'll be doing tomorrow for my actual birthday, I plan on taking it easy though!

Of course I had to celebrate with you guys too!  I feel like you guys are my real life friends half the time! 

So, everything at my TPT store and TN Shop will be 20% off until Tuesday! :)  

Plus a little birthday giveaway.  (You know what they say...It's better to give than to recieve!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll choose a winner on Wednesday morning!! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Spotlight Series: Third Grade Is a Hoot

Hey guys! Today I have my first guest blogger for my 

It is Heather from 

Learnings a Hoot

Heather is a fabulous third grade teacher!  She is fairly new to the blogging world but she has an adorable blog! You should definitely go check it out! :)

So make sure you make her feel at home and without, further ado....

Summer is in full swing around here and I am definitely taking advantage of it! Unfortunately I am still in the "healing" process from my unfortunate run-in with the cliff (check out my blog for that story) I haven't done much more than lay around the house. The good news is I have gotten quite a few things prepared for the start of the school year...yes I know this one JUST ended...but I am going stir crazy at home!

 So when Amber over at "Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher" mentioned that she was going to do a Summer Spotlight Series I jumped at the chance. Not only do I have a little extra time on my hands, but I figured it would be a great way to get to know other bloggers and hopefully share some fun ideas with everyone in blogland.

 However, I am what you would call Type A, particular, picky, a perfectionist or whatever word you can find to describe someone who stresses over things being now that it is my turn to be a guest blogger and "spotlight" my blog...I am stuck!

This has to be my BEST post yet because hopefully a lot of people will be reading it. This immediately puts me into panic/writer's block mode!! goes nothing!

After making the big move from 5th grade to 3rd grade, I attempted to take some of my book report projects and alter them to make them 3rd grade friendly. One of my favorite book reports was our biography book report. In 5th grade they would put on a wax museum in the library for their parents to come in and see. I knew that I definitely wanted my 3rd graders to do a biography, but I also knew I couldn't do wax museum. It is something they look forward to in 5th grade and I couldn't take that excitement away.

After some thought we decided to do soda pop bottle biographies. Instead of dressing up as the person they chose, the kids took 2-liter soda bottles and turned them into the person they read about. These turned out better than I could have imagined! I was leery at first bringing book reports into 3rd grade but after each book report I was more and more blown away by their abilities! If you would like a  FREE copy of the note taking sheet I gave my kids while they read there book you can get it HERE and below I posted some pictures of the finished products from my kids this year :)
Ella Fitzgerald
This little gem of Abe Lincoln kept me awake at night...his lifesize head was something the whole class couldn't help but laugh at!

If you are looking for any more freebies feel free to check out my blog Third Grade Is a "Hoot" or my TPT store. I am hoping to get some more freebies posted during all my free time this summer!!

I love those bottles, don't you? I can't believe how real that Abe looks! 

Thanks Heather!

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