Sunday, July 8, 2012

Classroom Theme

It's Show Me Sunday Time from 3-6 Free Resources!
Have you checked out that awesome blog?  I'm a contributor (or at least I'm supposed to be).  You see I've been a big slacker in all things blog world this summer.  It just means that I've been enjoying the summer!

Ok anyway.....

So this month's theme is all about Classroom Themes!

The fabulous Corinna at Surfin' Through Second is having a similar linky party, so I'm linking up with her too!

I've never done a classroom theme.  This was two years ago before school started last year. So last year was pretty similar too.  

I don't think my classroom looked terrible by any means, but it didn't have a theme. 

So this is a first for me.  Honestly, pre-blog and pre-Pinterest, I was not creative and crafty.  

So, you guys have inspired me to have a cohesive classroom theme.  

At first I wanted to do a beachy/Hawaiian type theme.  The more I thought about it, I decided against it.  The main reason is because I wanted to spend as little money as possible. I also wanted to make sure what I did buy could be used in the future. 

So I thought...what do I like? Polka dots and pretty colors.  Yep, always have and always will.  I decided to throw in some chevron too!

My poor little boys may not be in love with polka dots, but I just want it all to look fun and welcoming.  

School doesn't start until the last week of August, so I certainly haven't started setting up my room.  They haven't even cleaned my classroom floors yet.  But here are some things I've made for my classroom this year... (you may have already seen these)

I plan on buying some polka dot borders. 

Either this

Polka Dot Party Wavy Bulletin Board Border

or just plan old polka dots

I also need to find some fabric to make curtains and cover my new chair. 

Aren't these all so fun???  
I''m also thinking about using fabric for my bulletin boards. Decisions, decisions. 

I'm also planning on painting my classroom library shelves.  Right now they are all different shades of wood colored laminate.  

Man, I'm realizing I have lots I need to do!  

I have also been working on making a polka dot and chevron classroom signs, name plates calender pieces, etc. 

I've been working on it pretty much all summer, but hopefully I can get the gumption to finish it.  

So.....what is your classroom theme? Link up with 3-6 Free Resources and Corinna to let us know!!


  1. I love Polka dots too, it is in alot of my backgrounds. This is my first year having a theme as well. Mine is easy though since I live in a Tropical place;) Thank you so much for linking up.

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. Everything looks cute! I am sure your classroom will look wonderful.
    Drop by anytime :)


    Creekside Teacher Tales

  3. I have had a polka dot room for years! Loved it! I actually have the red with polka dot fabric pictured above. I love your alphabet. Good luck with the theme!


  4. Oooooo, I love it! Polka dots & chevron {swoon!} are so much fun!! My bestie has the black border with white polka dots and it looks super cute- she paired it with a black jersey bedsheet for the bulletin board and now everything she hangs up really pops! Thanks so much for linking up :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog. My room is also polka dots. I have a question though. How or where did you get the black polka dot and chevron pattern?

    THanks so much!


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