Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Spotlight Series: Will Grade For Coffee

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Independence Day Celebration! I know I did! I spent it in Charleston (more on that later) and I'm heading home today!

Well, I have a special guest blogger and she has some pretty exciting news and a freebie! It's Laura from Will Grade For Coffee!

She has a super cute blog, she's super adorable and I mean who doesn't like coffee??  As always make her feel at home! :)

Whoa. I'm cool enough to be a guest blogger? This is exciting stuff! (I'll be available to sign autographs later.) When I found out that I was going to write this post, I had big plans to write this amazingly inspiring post about some innovative method or brilliant lesson that I use in my classroom, but here's the thing... I just got engaged on Friday, and we're hoping for a fall (October) wedding, which means that I am in all out wedding planning mode! Granted, I'm meeting with my principal later this week to see if I can take a few days off after the wedding (you know, so we can go on a honeymoon!), so we aren't even sure that we can do October. (Has anyone else had to do this? Any advice?) You see, Matt and I were thinking June. After school is over. Makes sense, right? But, well, my family was all, "You don't want to wait that long! You can do it before school starts!" Uh, no. I value my sanity just a little too much to put that kind of pressure on myself. ...I have always wanted a fall wedding, though. I just never thought that it was possible with school... Oh, and did I mention that he proposed in my classroom? Yup, he decorated with lights and proposed in the middle of my classroom. It's ok to be jealous. There was also a scavenger hunt involved. I love a good scavenger hunt. But more details on my INSANELY AWESOME proposal at a later date.
Basically, my life has been nothing but wedding planning since we got engaged. Which was Friday night. You wouldn't believe how much we've done the last few days (it's Tuesday now):
 -Decided to get married in my grandparents' back yard
-Found and visited a reception venue and have been penciled in
-Talked to two photographers -Bought Matt's wedding ring (he bought mine as a set)
-Decided on a color palette
-Made two appointments to go dress shopping
-Found a caterer that we plan on using once we finalize the date
-Started buying decorations
-Decided what the groomsmen are going to wear
-Stared at my sparkly ring (ok, not really productive, but totally necessary)
-Wrote the guest list
-Revised the guest list
-Looked at invitations
-Found a flower girl
-Decided that the flower girl will be throwing leaves instead of flowers
-Found out that one of Matt's groomsmen picks won't be able to attend because he's running the Chicago marathon
-Researched honeymoon destinations
-Created a budget (and double and triple checked whether or not we can even afford to get married this quickly)
-Talked to a DJ

 Sooo...yeah. About that inspiring blog post... Will you take a rain check? :) For those of you who already follow my blog, remember how I told you I started working on my Teacher Toolbox? Well, I finished it up. And well, it looks pretty AMAZING! about my Independent Reading Journal {And Other Activities} for free?
Say...until Sunday? Don't forget to follow me over at
And I PROMISE that I'll start being a little more interesting (and a little more education-ish).
I am officially exhausted. Trust me, I'm usually WAY more entertaining. 
I am.
So don't forget to check out my blog.
Got it? Good.

Congrats Laura!  That is so exciting! I'm pretty sure if I just got engaged that I couldn't think about anyyyyything else either! I can't wait to read more about her wedding!


  1. Wow!! I am super impressed with how much you're gotten finished in such a short time! What am exciting time in your life!

  2. Your tool box looks great! Thanks for the freebie.

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  3. You have been super busy! A few of my friends that are teachers had a fall wedding and took a short honeymoon and then went on a real honeymoon in the summer. That is so sweet that he proposed in your classroom!

  4. You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! Come over to to pick it up.


  5. Congratulations! October weddings are BEAUTIFUL!
    I am your newest follower!
    :) Tamera

  6. So glad I found your blog!!! I just started blogging, thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. Love the teacher toolbox! I just made my own and it came out great!

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