Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting the Kiddos

I met the kiddos on Thursday! It was a whirlwind, but it went great!  I have 19 (yes 19!!!!)  sweeties! I have a great feeling about this year, even with all of the changes in store.  Besides, I hear nothing but praises from the 2nd grade teacher!

Well, here is a peek into my classroom on Orientation night!

My Welcome Banner out in the hall!

Outside the door.  I has little dots with each kiddo's name below. 

I used Jen's survey.  I created my own Volunteer Sign Up form, inspired by Ms Cosby . You can download a version here. It's editable so you can change what you need to.  (Its looks all wonky in Google Docs, but once you download, the Powerpoint will be cute!)  Click here to grab it.  I ended up passing out the papers on the desks because I was afraid no one would pick them up! haha!

I found some glow necklaces in my room while I was cleaning and I remembered Ginger's cute tags! My kids loved them! 

Oh and one more thing that I don't have a picture of. I created magnets with my contact information on them. 

They looked like this, but with my info added.  

I printed on cardstock, laminated them and hot glued a magnet on the back. I had lots of great comments about them. Well worth the effort!  I created an editable template for you guys.  It has several different picture options. Click her to grab it!

Well, there is a little peek into my room.  The parents only drop in so it wasn't anything too fancy, but it went pretty well.  

I am excited about starting on Monday, but I'm certainly going to enjoy my last free day tomorrow! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Classroom Reveal!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but my classroom is FINALLY ready!  Not only is my classroom ready, but I pretty much have my first month of plans done!  I still have some planning to do, but I actually feel ahead.  Tomorrow I get to meet my kiddos!  I still don't have my class roster though! Hopefully we will get our class roster early enough to actually get names on the desk!  

Well anyway, my classroom is finally ready and I have lots of pictures to show you!  I know you have just been absolutely dying to see it! :)

So here is my Polka Dotted Classroom!

The Door

The view from the door.

Now....Working the way around the classroom
Passes & Pencil Buckets.  The Polka Dot Box has our "Where Are We?" cards.  

The front of the room.  I try to keep the front of the room as simple as possible.  I have the Subway Art Pack from Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans.  I'll be introducing one of the motivational quotes once a week and they will go on the black pieces of posterboard.  

The clock

Behavior ClipChart. You can Grab for free here.  The rules are from Hope's Subway Art Pack too. 

My meeting area. I am loving my brand new easel and new-to-me chair.  I was going to cover it, but I think it has adorable character!  I am using "CAFE" for the first time this year.  I am late to the game, but I'm reading the book now! I got the signs from Ginger. 

There's my Alphabet! I love the colors!  That's my whiteboard turned bulletin board.  I hot glued clothespins to hang up anchor charts since I can't hang things from the ceiling.  (WAHHH!)

My Word Wall.  I love having it down low! I love those IKEA rugs too!

My Math Manipulatives shelf & a Bulletin Board that is currently blank because I'm not sure what it's going to be yet! Probably a writing board. Those are my dry erase boards in the pink bucket. I love dry erase boards!

My reading and writing workshop boxes from IKEA. I got the cute labels from Kristen. 

I love that tablecloth! I've had those stools forever, they're from IKEA too. 

The five posters at the top are going to serve as my math word wall.  I got the cute pennants from Elizabeth. They are separated by domains.  I'm super excited about them!

Can you tell that I don't use a whiteboard anymore?  I'll post my learning targets and schedule here.  They will also turn in homework & make lunch choice over here.

My Genre Bulletin Board in my library.  I got the posters free from Beth Newingham.  I'm going to let the students use post-its to write book titles they recommend and post on the correct genre poster.

Here are some classroom library pictures. You can read more about how I organize it here. 

Moving to the back of the room. 
The outside door (the playground and track is right out there!)  My craft supplies are going to go on that shelf. 

I made this over the summer but I don't think I ever posted about it.  I tried using tape to spell out create.  It didn't work, but I still like this.  

My table buckets. I love those colors! I got them from Big Lots.  

The sides of my cubbies are serving as my Boggle & Math It Up Board.  Those cubbies take up huge amounts of space.  So I'm going to push them together like this during the day (Plus it keeps sticky fingers away..)

Clothespins to showcase student work are on both sides of the cubbies.  I think I'm going to have the kids make something to hot glue on the clothespins to designate it their personal spot.

My back teacher corner is nothing to write home about, in fact it's not quite organized, so I was not about to be taking pictures for the world to see. 

Here's a picture of it from the distance. 
You see it way back there with the kidney table?  Yep.  It doesn't look too bad from there, but my goal tomorrow is to spruce it up and organize it.  I don't have a desk and I don't have a ton of storage space, so it's a struggle every year!

I will show you one thing from my teacher area....
Yep, I'm going to be the most popular girl in school with that baby.  Since I moved home, it was going to just sit in my storage unit. Nope, it came with me to school.  It's made my workdays much better! 

Oh and most of my polka dot & chevron printables are from my clasroom theme pack.  

Go and check out everyone else's classroom pics at Swimming Into Second!

Well thanks for looking at my gazillion pictures! I hope you got some ideas for your classroom! I know I've defiintely stolen most of my ideas from something I've seen! :) 

Well I must get some things ready for tomorrow night! Have a great evening!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Last Made-It of Summer

Yep, next Monday is the first day of school!  I have been busy with lots of projects in my room.  I have a few to share for my Monday Made it.

Does anyone else out there start a gazillion things at once? I swear I just cannot focus on getting one thing done.  I think I have Adult ADD. It's a problem.

So anyway, Here are my Made-Its. Be sure to go and link up with fabulous Tara.  There are lots of great Made-Its already posted!

First up, my "Boggle" and "Math It Up" Boards!

I got the headers and the letters and numbers FREE from Teacher on the Loose!  Click here to grab the Math It Up and Boggle boards! They are so cute and even match my classroom.  I laminated several pieces of construction paper together and added some border. Then used Stiki-Clips to hold up the letters and numbers. I figures that the stiki-clips would be so much easier than just taping, which means that I'll be better at switching it out every week. I put the board on the end of my two gi-nourmous cubbies. 

Next up, a Pick a Number Bucket!
I have always used popsicle sticks to call on students. In the past I have just written their names on the sticks, but I thought this was much cuter, plus I could use it if I need to draw a number too! I just printed on cardstock, laminated and hot glued to a popsicle stick! I used packing tap to add the "Pick a Number"  to the $1 Target tin! The numbers are in my Polka-Dot and Chevron Classroom Pack

Next up, Brain Breaks!
I love these Brain Breaks from Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts.  I bought them during the big sale last week.  I really wanted them so I would have a reminder to take a short break from our jam packed day to rest our brains.  It's totally worth buying! I made them the same way as my number sticks. 

Now time for my last Made-It! My Math Word Wall & Pennants!

The fabulous Elizabeth from Fun in Room 4b has these awesome Math Common Core Pennants, one for each domain.  I printed them on cardstock, laminated, and glued to the ribbon.  I laminated 5 pieces of black poster board and then added the pennants.  I'll add the words from my Common Core Math Pack as we cover them throughout the year.   I had some issues stapling it to the wall since I couldn't find a tall enough step stool.  I could have let my 6'5" boyfriend do it, but he just couldn't get it stapled like I envisioned in my mind. 

So those are my Monday Made-Its. 

My classroom is finally done.  Now I have the next three days to plan with my team. Yay! We need it with all these changes for Common Core.  Then Orientation Night is Thursday. I can't wait to meet the kiddos!

Well, I'll leave you with this little gem. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reading Workshop & My Classroom Library!

Two of my very favorite ladies are having linky parties all about reading workshop!

First off, Elisabeth is having a Reading Workshop Series!  She introduced me to reading workshop and I even observed her teaching reading workshop! She's a smart lady!

Lindsay is hosting one too!  And can I just say, thank goodness she's moving to third grade, so I can steal more of her ideas! 

(Thank goodness she's hosting this party, I need some ideas for writing workshop, I've never taught it before!)

A warning...this is a long post, but there are tons of pictures! :)

So, the most important part of my reading workshop is my library of course! I am in love with my library this year!  I finally feel like I have a decent enough collection of books, although I'm still dying to have more.  Hence my never ending search for books on Ebay, at Goodwill and any sales!

So, I'm not ready to show you my whole classroom, but you get to see my library today. 

The whole library! How adorable is that rug! I saw Alicia post about it and I had to run to Big Lots and grab mine! I got the chairs there too!  I love having cozy places to read. 
My books are sorted by genre. Plus the labels are color coordinated. For example, all non fiction is green.  Chapter Book Series are Blue, etc.  Hopefully next year I can get more bins that match the color of labels. 
Did you see those fun plants on top of the shelf? I love IKEA!

I use the wire rack to showcase new books or read-alouds. 

In third grade I've always struggled with getting my kiddos to read things other than fantasy picture books, so they are put over to the side. This year I haven't put any picture books under a 2.5 GE in my classroom library to try and keep the students away from books that are too easy.  I still have the lower books for students that need it.  Is that mean?  I can't decide.  

Last year I started using Classroom Booksource's FREE library checkout system. You can read more about it HERE.  It is fabulous!   

Next up, are my student's book boxes. 
I buy these at IKEA, $1.99 for a pack of 5! Maybe one day I'll shell out the dough for the ones at RGS, but not this year!  

Next up, I have a brand new easel to use this year! My anchor charts are going to love this baby!
Best-Rite® Magnetic Instructional Chalk/Marker Childrens Easel

Next, a fabulous rug! This picture is from several years ago, (before my room discovered Pinterest or blogs) but it's my only picture of  my rug that I have.
I love having meeting time at the rug.  I hate walking by classrooms where the kids are always at their desks. How Depressing!

We go though sticky notes like it's our job! It is a great way to record thinking. 

Here's my Bible for Reading Workshop. Thanks Lucy!
Beth Newingham! What would I have done without her?  She rocks at pretty much anything, but she has taught me so much about reading workshop!

What are your must haves for Reading Workshop? What about Writing Workshop? Help a girl out! 

Be sure to link up with Elisabeth and Lindsay! Oh and follow their awesome blogs. Because, yep they are awesome!

Well tomorrow is our first mandated workday, too bad I've already been there like 8 or 9 days.  I've pretty much lost count. Saturday included! Oh well, I'm dedicated.  

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