Monday, August 6, 2012


Man, I can tell that I haven't created anything on my computer in a while. I never thought I would finish my new Polka Dot & Chevron Theme Set! (Not to mention that I've had some issues along the way!) But I finally have it completed and up at my TPT Store! I'm in love with everything though! I can't wait to get it laminated and put up in my room!

Thanks for everyone who gave me some input the other day! I ended up creating sooooo many things to go with my theme, I ended up splitting it into 2 products,(because it was too big to upload to TPT!) Plus, I kept some things out for FREEBIES!

First, I have the Calendar Set for $2.50.

Then, I have the Classroom Theme Set for $5.00. 
Aren't those editable templates soooo cool?  They are a Powerpoint file, so you just add a text box and type whatever you need. 

Also, if you purchase the Classroom Theme Set before September 1st and email me, I will email you the Calendar set for FREE! :) You are responsible for emailing me though!

Click here for the Calendar Set. 
Click here for the Classroom Set. 

I also have some freebies for you of course!

Welcome Pennant Banner ( I wish I had a finished one to show!)

I'll probably have some more themed freebies in the near future too. :)

I love your feedback, so let me know what you think! 

Also,  I'll give one set away to one person.  Comment and let me know what classroom theme you would like to have if money and time was no issue! Be sure to leave your email so I can contact you.


  1. So cute! I love anything black and white polka dots and yellow. Thanks for the freebies.

  2. I love anything monkey/jungle themed and/or bright colors. Your sets are great!

  3. Looks great!! I love it, Amber!! Just don't let what happen to me happen when you are laminating {you'll have to read my post}!

    Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls

  4. I love jungle, or bright\neon colors.

  5. Money and time...two biggest issues! I would love something bright and cheerful, with little accents of something theme-y. (Just don't want to do anything I get tired of immediately!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. I love bright colors and anything polka dots! Thanks for the freebies!

  7. I love everything, Amber. Everything you make is fun and creative :) If money were no option...hummm.

    Fun in Room 4B

  8. I like them both! At first, I was thinking I liked chevron all the way, but then I looked at the polka dotted pennant banner and I changed my mind. They are so cool! You've got skills. Lots of great stuff. Thanks, Amber!

  9. I would do a rock star theme if money were no object..which chevron and polka dot would fit right in :)

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the banner! Thanks for sharing! This will go perfectly in my classroom.I love polka dots, chevron, and zebra prints!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  11. as a brand new teacher and a single mom on a tight budget .... I am doing my best to theme my classroom in Monkeys :-) This would be awesome to win!!!

  12. These fit my theme so well, hope I win!

  13. This all looks terrific, Amber! Your room is going to look awesome!

    One Happy Teacher

  14. Fabulous! Amber, your creativity and style make me smile (hey, that rhymes!) Thanks bunches for the freebies. As a first year teacher, I love the freebies!!! If money and time were no object, I would like to do an Eric Carle-ish theme. I love his use of color. Add in some checks and polka dots and my classroom would be perfection.

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