Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Classroom Reveal!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but my classroom is FINALLY ready!  Not only is my classroom ready, but I pretty much have my first month of plans done!  I still have some planning to do, but I actually feel ahead.  Tomorrow I get to meet my kiddos!  I still don't have my class roster though! Hopefully we will get our class roster early enough to actually get names on the desk!  

Well anyway, my classroom is finally ready and I have lots of pictures to show you!  I know you have just been absolutely dying to see it! :)

So here is my Polka Dotted Classroom!

The Door

The view from the door.

Now....Working the way around the classroom
Passes & Pencil Buckets.  The Polka Dot Box has our "Where Are We?" cards.  

The front of the room.  I try to keep the front of the room as simple as possible.  I have the Subway Art Pack from Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans.  I'll be introducing one of the motivational quotes once a week and they will go on the black pieces of posterboard.  

The clock

Behavior ClipChart. You can Grab for free here.  The rules are from Hope's Subway Art Pack too. 

My meeting area. I am loving my brand new easel and new-to-me chair.  I was going to cover it, but I think it has adorable character!  I am using "CAFE" for the first time this year.  I am late to the game, but I'm reading the book now! I got the signs from Ginger. 

There's my Alphabet! I love the colors!  That's my whiteboard turned bulletin board.  I hot glued clothespins to hang up anchor charts since I can't hang things from the ceiling.  (WAHHH!)

My Word Wall.  I love having it down low! I love those IKEA rugs too!

My Math Manipulatives shelf & a Bulletin Board that is currently blank because I'm not sure what it's going to be yet! Probably a writing board. Those are my dry erase boards in the pink bucket. I love dry erase boards!

My reading and writing workshop boxes from IKEA. I got the cute labels from Kristen. 

I love that tablecloth! I've had those stools forever, they're from IKEA too. 

The five posters at the top are going to serve as my math word wall.  I got the cute pennants from Elizabeth. They are separated by domains.  I'm super excited about them!

Can you tell that I don't use a whiteboard anymore?  I'll post my learning targets and schedule here.  They will also turn in homework & make lunch choice over here.

My Genre Bulletin Board in my library.  I got the posters free from Beth Newingham.  I'm going to let the students use post-its to write book titles they recommend and post on the correct genre poster.

Here are some classroom library pictures. You can read more about how I organize it here. 

Moving to the back of the room. 
The outside door (the playground and track is right out there!)  My craft supplies are going to go on that shelf. 

I made this over the summer but I don't think I ever posted about it.  I tried using tape to spell out create.  It didn't work, but I still like this.  

My table buckets. I love those colors! I got them from Big Lots.  

The sides of my cubbies are serving as my Boggle & Math It Up Board.  Those cubbies take up huge amounts of space.  So I'm going to push them together like this during the day (Plus it keeps sticky fingers away..)

Clothespins to showcase student work are on both sides of the cubbies.  I think I'm going to have the kids make something to hot glue on the clothespins to designate it their personal spot.

My back teacher corner is nothing to write home about, in fact it's not quite organized, so I was not about to be taking pictures for the world to see. 

Here's a picture of it from the distance. 
You see it way back there with the kidney table?  Yep.  It doesn't look too bad from there, but my goal tomorrow is to spruce it up and organize it.  I don't have a desk and I don't have a ton of storage space, so it's a struggle every year!

I will show you one thing from my teacher area....
Yep, I'm going to be the most popular girl in school with that baby.  Since I moved home, it was going to just sit in my storage unit. Nope, it came with me to school.  It's made my workdays much better! 

Oh and most of my polka dot & chevron printables are from my clasroom theme pack.  

Go and check out everyone else's classroom pics at Swimming Into Second!

Well thanks for looking at my gazillion pictures! I hope you got some ideas for your classroom! I know I've defiintely stolen most of my ideas from something I've seen! :) 

Well I must get some things ready for tomorrow night! Have a great evening!


  1. Awesome room! Hope you have a great group of kiddos and a spectacular year!


    1. Wow.. Your classroom looking really beautiful in all pictures. I am Happy to see here your Polka Dotted Classroom. It is create positive classroom environment and students are enjoying with learning. Professionally I am dissertation tutor and providing dissertation help service London at Dissertation Help UK, I like your unique Polka Dotted theme of decorating classroom which covers walls, room and student space. Waiting for your next post. Keep sharing.

  2. Looks wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing the photos!!

  3. I love all of the polka dots!!!! Super cute. Did you ever order your Erin Condren planner?

  4. Your room looks great! My sister just gave me a similar coffee pot. I am excited to use it. Coffee is essential to teaching lol. Good luck tomorrow! Hope it's a great year.


  5. It looks awesome! I need to come see it in person :)

  6. I love your scheme! It is so bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New School Year! Kelly

  7. Your room looks so nice and so large! I like your area with the clothespins to hang student work.

    Teaching Fourth

  8. The room looks fab - I LOVE your rug!

  9. I love your room! I really love the crayon poster! I want one of those at my house. Great job!

  10. Your classroom looks great!!

  11. I'm not sure how I missed this post...musy have been when I was so exhausted ;) Everything looks fantastic, Amber!!

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