Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reading Workshop & My Classroom Library!

Two of my very favorite ladies are having linky parties all about reading workshop!

First off, Elisabeth is having a Reading Workshop Series!  She introduced me to reading workshop and I even observed her teaching reading workshop! She's a smart lady!

Lindsay is hosting one too!  And can I just say, thank goodness she's moving to third grade, so I can steal more of her ideas! 

(Thank goodness she's hosting this party, I need some ideas for writing workshop, I've never taught it before!)

A warning...this is a long post, but there are tons of pictures! :)

So, the most important part of my reading workshop is my library of course! I am in love with my library this year!  I finally feel like I have a decent enough collection of books, although I'm still dying to have more.  Hence my never ending search for books on Ebay, at Goodwill and any sales!

So, I'm not ready to show you my whole classroom, but you get to see my library today. 

The whole library! How adorable is that rug! I saw Alicia post about it and I had to run to Big Lots and grab mine! I got the chairs there too!  I love having cozy places to read. 
My books are sorted by genre. Plus the labels are color coordinated. For example, all non fiction is green.  Chapter Book Series are Blue, etc.  Hopefully next year I can get more bins that match the color of labels. 
Did you see those fun plants on top of the shelf? I love IKEA!

I use the wire rack to showcase new books or read-alouds. 

In third grade I've always struggled with getting my kiddos to read things other than fantasy picture books, so they are put over to the side. This year I haven't put any picture books under a 2.5 GE in my classroom library to try and keep the students away from books that are too easy.  I still have the lower books for students that need it.  Is that mean?  I can't decide.  

Last year I started using Classroom Booksource's FREE library checkout system. You can read more about it HERE.  It is fabulous!   

Next up, are my student's book boxes. 
I buy these at IKEA, $1.99 for a pack of 5! Maybe one day I'll shell out the dough for the ones at RGS, but not this year!  

Next up, I have a brand new easel to use this year! My anchor charts are going to love this baby!
Best-Rite® Magnetic Instructional Chalk/Marker Childrens Easel

Next, a fabulous rug! This picture is from several years ago, (before my room discovered Pinterest or blogs) but it's my only picture of  my rug that I have.
I love having meeting time at the rug.  I hate walking by classrooms where the kids are always at their desks. How Depressing!

We go though sticky notes like it's our job! It is a great way to record thinking. 

Here's my Bible for Reading Workshop. Thanks Lucy!
Beth Newingham! What would I have done without her?  She rocks at pretty much anything, but she has taught me so much about reading workshop!

What are your must haves for Reading Workshop? What about Writing Workshop? Help a girl out! 

Be sure to link up with Elisabeth and Lindsay! Oh and follow their awesome blogs. Because, yep they are awesome!

Well tomorrow is our first mandated workday, too bad I've already been there like 8 or 9 days.  I've pretty much lost count. Saturday included! Oh well, I'm dedicated.  


  1. Do you get a lot of problems with the classroom book source website?? I seem to always be running into little glitches here and there...

    1. I haven't had too many issues yet. Some little things, but nothing big. Knowing my luck, it will happen to me eventually though! Haha!

  2. Hey Girl! Thanks for linking up. I love the rug you got and the cute plants! I had the exact same easel at my old school and I had a love hate relationship with it because it was bulky and my room was small. I hope you will love it!

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  3. I just got myself an easel this summer and I cannot wait to use it! I also had to go and snag two of those chevron rugs up for myself too!

    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  4. We love using our rug, too! Sat there several times today!

  5. Everything in your library looks so inviting :)

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just discovered your blog as I was a 2nd grade teacher last year. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Classroom Organizer and want to curse...I mean for introducing it to me. I've spent the day going through my kids bookshelves at home and entering books. Thanks again!

  7. 19 kids, try 29!

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