Monday, September 3, 2012

September Currently!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Break!  Who doesn't love a three day weekend?

I can't believe that it is already September, which means that it's Currently Time!
Oh' boy fourth grade

So here it is!

So to explain...
Thinking-  Yeah summer has not been good to me.  Well I haven't been good to me.  I'm heading back to Weightwatchers.  My parents are going so we are going to have a little competition.  I mean that will kick me into shape. I can't be beat by my parents!

Wanting- I'm seriously thinking about buying an iPad. I've held out for a while but I want one. You good people who buy things from my store will be helping with that purchase

Favorite Things
1. I have an obsession with Tervis. 

Panthers Pride!
You know I love Polka Dots
I love the swirls
My college Logo

This is just the beginning.  

2.  My Planner
A few months back I won a planner from 
Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

I love it and it is so adorable!  I don't write down lesson plans, I do it all online, but I use everything else!

3. My Ebay Purchases. 
Last month I started buying books from ebay.  It's an addiction. Bad. But I love buying books and this is a super cheap way to build up my library!  Here are some pictures of what I've gotten. 

That's only about half.  I told you. It's an addiction. 

Well, I have a ton of things I need to get done tonight!  Be sure to go and link up with Farley! :)  

Oh and Don't forget about my Sale at TPT & TN! It ends tonight.  Have a great week!


  1. Good Luck with Weight Watchers. I need to start too. I found you from Farley's Currently. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Go get the iPad! You need it, you'll love it, and you deserve it!

  3. I love my Tervis tumblers too! They are so great!!

    KinderKids Fun

  4. I only have one Tervis Tumbler....Dodgers! I LOVE them!!!!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. Get the iPad! I'm sitting on my behind on the couch right now blogstalking. My husband got me the Zagg case/keyboard. Makes it even better!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  6. Hey Amber! Long time no talk :) cute pictures and I definitely looove purchasing my books on ebay! I have found great deals on book lots.. hope you are doing well!!

  7. Love your planner. I need to do something about my weight. I'm thinking of starting a fb group for accountability partners. We could share recipes, tips, etc. Message me if interested.:)

  8. I love my Tervis Tumblers, too! I grab one every morning (full of coffee to start my day)! Have a great week:)


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