Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something Good!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I have so much to post about it, but I can't seem to get it out. So, instead I'm going to have some fun and link up with Jennifer at

Things can get so crazy for us teachers, so it's nice to focus on the good things!

Something Good At School:  I love my class.  They are adorable!  They make teaching a real joy and I look forward to teaching them (almost) every day!  I'm also loving the fact that I only have 19 little cuties.  Having 5 less children means a lot less papers to grade, smaller groups and more space in the room! 

Something Good At Home:  I started WeightWatchers about 6 weeks ago and I've lost 16 pounds!  I've always been a little bit on the heavy side and struggled with my weight, but WeightWatchers really works for me, as long as I stick with it!   I'm trying to be more active too, instead of just sitting at the computer after school.  Oh, the life of a teacher blogger!  The Fall is a great time to stay active.  Today, I had lots of fun walking through a corn maze.  We did it a second time after we figured out the trick so we could power walk it! haha!

Since I'm posting about good things....I'm super excited and I had to share! I ordered a new Classroom Rug today!  I love my old one but it's just gotten kind of old and raggedy. Here is a picture of my kiddos playing a game on the old beloved rug. I've had it since I started teaching.  I'll miss it!

But out with the old and in with the new! I've been searching for one the past few days.  I really wanted a polka dotted one, but I didn't love the ones I found.  So then I decided I wanted one that would create teachable moments.  So I decided I wanted a map rug!  It came down to a decision of a US Map and a World Map with Country Flags.  
I decided to go with the USA Map because my kiddos do not know abbreviations of states.  Plus, I liked the look of this one, not too cartoony or bright, but still fun and cute!   It should be here by the end of the week It's from Carpets for Kids, so I'm crossing my fingers that it is good quality!  I'll update you when I get it.  :)

One last thing!  I have updated my Lapbook & Foldable Templates!  Now there are 36 templates, plus an editable powerpoint!  

So, if you've already bought them, be sure to redownload them!  You can still grab them for only $3 at TPT and TN!  

Leave a comment and tell me SOMETHING GOOD in your life! Tomorrow night I'll randonly choose two people to get the templates for FREE! :)  Be sure to leave your email!


  1. You should always have a "something good" Right now my something good is the rain...I love it and it makes me feel so cozy! Would love to win lapbook templates...I have a blog post in the works all about lapbooks:-) We love them in our class.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Something good in my life: I love what I do and I'm excited to go to school each day and work with my group of kids. They are fabulous and work so hard each day. :)

  3. Something good in my life: I have a wonderful family. I love F-A-L-L!!! I love that I have found all these blogs that have reenergized my love for teaching!!!

  4. Something good: I downloaded your map skills lapbook and based my geography unit on it! I have killer social studies plans done for the next 2 weeks!! :)

  5. Something good: My allergies have finally started to die down and I don't feel so tired all the time!

    Congrats on the Weight Watchers! I've always wanted to do a corn maze. I may just have to check one out this year. And your carpet looks so cool!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. Something good.... I am almost done with this last semester of grad school. And kudos on dropping 16 pounds! I need to join you in that endeavor!

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  7. Good grief your lapbook templates are awesome! Something good-I'm on the couch, reading blogs, drinking a glass of wine, and just polished off some chocolate. What more could you want on a Sunday night???

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  8. Something good...I'm actually spending a moment reading some blogs again, it's been a while. I also am back in my classroom this year, not just part time in the classroom and then having to do other things around the school...full time in my classroom getting to teach all of my subjects and loving it!! And I got invited to a crowning ceremony tonight for one of my former students, she's in 6th grade now, and wanted to invite me because of the impact I made on her in 3rd grade her mom said. Such a sweet blessing!!


  9. Love that rug!! Something good in my life: I'd have to say this weekend was one of the best! We went to the fair on Friday night and my two year old who loves elephants got to see an elephant show, ride them, and feed them carrots! We also rode a camel, fed goats and other farm animals, and rode the Merry Go Round over and over! Then, we went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and caught up on naps today! Great fall weekend!! My email is

  10. Something good - playing hooky from weekend sports and hiking with the hubs and kids - love this fall weather! Love your templates - can I ask - can you edit them on the pc? Is it easy for kids to do so? Thanks so much! We love lap books!

  11. Your rug looks kind of like my big rug! Mine is also the US but it is mostly blue. My class loves it. They have carpet spots but are rarely in the right places, so I like to say things like, "Bobby, you should not be on the land. You should be in the Atlantic Ocean!" They all crack up and hopefully the geography lessons are sneaking into their brains. :)

    My something good is hanging out reading blogs with my warm cat on my lap!! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  12. I like this party. I need to think about good things, too! Something good: this week was my mom's birthday so we went over, had fajitas and margaritas! Four hours and lots of talking (my boyfriend says yelling) later, I felt much happier and ready to go to work the next day.

    Great lapbook stuff!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  13. COngratulations on your weight loss! Keep up the good work!

    Something good: a friend and I have coffee every Friday before work so I get to bust out my baking skills! (My hubby actually does not eat a lot of sweets, so this gives me an excuse to bake!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. Where did you find that rug? I dream to someday be able to afford a new rug for my classroom and want a map rug so badly - but I agree, some of them are a little too bright/loud. That one has a great color to it.

    I also needed to see some positivity like this!

  15. I love your new product! I might have to get it :)

    My 'something good' was that I was observed today by someone who gave a class I took this summer, and she only had good things to say. It feels so wonderful when someone tells you you're doing well!


  16. Would love the foldables! My something good is that today in math one of my struggling kiddos had an A-HA moment during math today! Such a great feeling when that happens:)

  17. I held my first ever student led conferences tonight with my students data notebooks and it went great!

  18. 1) LOVE the rug! 2) I LOVE the corn maze picture! That's a keeper.
    19 is my number too. It's good, but I so need an even number. 19 messes with my OCD side!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  19. I absolutely love using data notebooks. THey are so useful.

    Teaching is Terrific

  20. Something good is that Halloween is around the corner. I love the warm days and cool evenings; the kids love all things mysterious. It's an exciting time of year.
    H White

  21. I'm your newest follower. Wow! Down 16 pounds already! Good job, girlie! Love your new rug. I'm looking for a new one so I am anxious to read your review and here about the quality. Thanks for sharing! :) Lattes and Laughter

  22. I love to teach fairy tales and then I use fractured fairy tales to teach point of view. I love hearing what the kids think a character is thinking and feeling. For myself, I love reading historical fiction. I really like reading about a time period in the past and see how that character lives in that time. Thank you!


  23. I love to teach fairy tales and then I use fractured fairy tales to teach point of view. I love hearing what the kids think a character is thinking and feeling. For myself, I love reading historical fiction. I really like reading about a time period in the past and see how that character lives in that time. Thank you!


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  25. I can understand your excitement about your new class so well. As far I had only internship, but it was so great and children were so lovely! Sometimes it was really hard, but then it got better and we made friends. And I always had help from with my papers, so I didn't care about the number of pupils.


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