Monday, November 26, 2012

Foldable Love & a Freebie!

Today sure was a long Monday!  Not to mention I'm getting sick.  Yuck!

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday!  I had my boyfriend choose 4 random numbers between 1-24.  He picked 3, 8, 22, and 24!  So I've sent an email to those ladies.

So I was looking through my phone pictures and I found some fun Foldable pictures I haven't shared yet.  I love implementing foldables during my lessons (as if you didn't already know).  It's so easy to use foldables in your classroom.  If you can use a graphic organizer with your lesson, you can change things up with a foldable!

First up, an easy math one.  We were reviewing the different properties of addition (Zero, Associative and Commutative).  So we just folded a paper hot-dog style.  Then cut the front flap into three sections.

Then they wrote a description of each property and some examples.  

Easy, right?  

Now, on to some social studies.  We were studying the different types of communities (rural, suburban and urban).  I created this foldable ahead of time, since I needed to staple it.  I cut 8 1/2 by 11 papers in half, long ways. Then I took two of the papers and stacked them on top of the other, so that the bottom paper was about two inches lower than the top paper.  Then, fold the papers in half and staple at the top. 

Then they wrote what a community was on the back of the top flap.  Then, instead of writing, I just had them draw what each type of community looks like.  They had so much fun!

One last Social Studies Foldable, then a freebie!  We were talking about different holidays and celebrations in the US.  So we created a petal book foldable.  

On the front flaps, they just wrote the name of the different U.S. Holidays (i.e. MLK Day, President's Day, Constitution Day, etc)

Then on the inside, they wrote when and why we celebrate the holiday.

They loved this foldable because it was so different!  You can grab the template for the foldable for free here!  I'd love to hear any ideas you have for using the petal book! :)

If you're interested in the whole set of foldables, you can check it out here!

Oh, if you noticed, we usually glue our foldables into our notebooks.  I haven't started doing true Interactive Student Notebooks, maybe one day!  I know they're great but I just don't know enough about them, so we are starting small.  So I usually just have my kiddos write a paragraph about something related to our lesson. For example, with the communities lesson they had to write what type of community they lived in and describe how they know.   It gets the kids writing, so that's definitely good enough for me! ISNs are definitely on my list.  

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Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I do my own rendition of the notebooks. Of course it doesn't help that we have a grade level supply list and I think only 2 notebooks were on it. So right now we only have a math notebook and science. I bought notebooks so that I could have them make reading journals and possible social studies. We will see. What I do (because I don't know the real way yet) is I have them do the activity, foldable, etc and then underneath I give them a BIG QUESTION that they need to answer and explain their answer. (That is for science.) For math, I try to do it the real way but it is my own rendition... on the right side we do the activity together..usually its an I do, we do, you do with a partner. Then on the left page they have to tell me what they learned and Prove it with examples. I love it and need to try to convince my team to put more notebooks on the list next year

  2. The petal book is great!!! Listing for my firsties would be awesome on the petals....synonyms, rhyming words, ideas for Miss Squirrel's Christmas presents....just sayin' - so many ideas!
    thank you for the template

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! Thanks for the foldable ideas! I love using these with my 3rd graders. I have been using the interactive math notebooks with my 3rd graders this year. It took them a bit to be able to write a quality reflection about what they learned, but after a couple of months into it.... most finally can write a good reflection.


  4. I need to do a better job at incorporating foldables into my notebooks! I know the kids love them!

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