Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Schedule Linky

Man, is it only Tuesday?  I have been so busy the last few days! I am the sponsor for our robotics team and it has consumed my life the past few days.  I'll share more about that another time!

While on my Google Reader, I found Stephanie's Fun Linky today!

I love finding out about other people's day, so I thought I would share mine too!

7:45- Teachers must be at school! I'm usually there around 7:30.  I used to be so good at getting to school early, but not so much anymore!

8:00- Kids are in the room.  They unpack, lay out their homework, sharpen pencils, and make sure they have books for Reading Workshop.  I used to have them do Morning Work every day, but it's so many copies and I always have stragglers so it's hard to take a grade.  So now, my students have a couple options.
1. Read a Book anywhere in the room
2. Practice their Word Sort for the week
3. Finish any unfinished work from yesterday
It's worked fabulously with the group of kids I have this year.

8:20ish (or when I'm done receipting money, doing attendance, checking homework, etc)- Math!
I love my math time!  I heart our math curriculum so it makes math so much fun. Lots of discussion, lots of partner work, lots of games, lots of word problems!

9:20- Snack and Track.  A time for the kids to eat and walk the track.  A time for the teachers to gab.

9:40- Reading Workshop.  My favorite time of the day!  A little mini-lesson at the carpet.  Then the kiddos read  for 40 minutes.  I conference for the first 15 and do my guided reading groups for the rest of the time.  Then they meet with their buzz groups for a few minutes.

10:40-Shared Reading.  I am trying my best to integrate my shared reading with my content.  I do a lot of my lapbook work during this time.  We focus a lot on asking questions and finding information in the articles and passages.  

11:00- Lunch Time.  Sometimes I have to be with my kids, sometimes I get a break!

11:40-Language Time- I just started this after Christmas. Don't judge.  I'm trying to be more intentional about teaching the CC Language standards.  Surprisingly, the kids love it!

My afternoon schedule is usually a little different, depending on the day.  Monday and Wednesday I have Computer Lab after lunch (we don't have a Computer Teacher so that's all me). Tuesday I have my kids all to myself.  Wednesday I have Media and Music.  Thursday I have PE and Guidance.  Friday I have Art.

So after all that craziness...here is how my day usually goes.  Somedays we don't get to it all, especially Wednesday and Thursday.

12:30 STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math- We might do science experiments, or small math groups, or a technology project.  We usually only have STEM 3-4 times a week.

1:00 Recess- Ahhhh....

1:30-Writing Workshop-  Another favorite part of the day. Minilesson at the carpet. Writing time and conferencing.  I love the share. I love hearing their writing!

2:00 Word Work-  We use Words Their Way.  So the kids spend some time practicing their sort or some sort of word work activity.

2:20- Find It Fix It.  This has changed my life. I love having a cleaner room.  I don't know who blogged about it last year, but it has made me such a happier teacher.   Here's how it works.  I pick one thing in the classroom that need to be fixed/cleaned and I keep it a secret.  The kids scurry around cleaning up the room and fixing everything.
They have three rules.
1 No Talking.
2. No Running.
3. Only put things where they are supposed to go.
After a few minutes or until the room is straightened, the kiddos go back to their seats and stand behind their chair.  I start giving clues about the winner, the last one standing is the winner.  I have a secret though.......shhhhhhhh.....it's rigged!  I choose one student a day  and just watch for what they pick up.  That way everyone wins at some point.  The winner gets something out of my treat bucket!

So that's my day!

Be sure to check out the linky to find out about other people's schedules! I'd love to hear about your favorite part of your day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Five for Friday (or Sunday) v.2

Two days in a row.  I know, it's amazing.
I love Kristen and her cute little self so I wanted to link up to!  Plus, I love sharing random things about my week.  Is it ok that none of my things are about teaching? Like I said I yesterday, I only taught for 8 hours this week.... So here we go.

1.  Like I said yesterday, we had an "ice storm" here on Friday.  I live in the South guys, so people go crazy. They have to make sure they have milk and bread.  Why milk and bread? Don't ask me.  This picture sums it up.

Basically all it did around here was get me out of school early and ruin my Friday night plans. 

2.  Last night I went and saw Silver Linings Playbook.  I loved it.  
Strange Indie Type Film + Sexy Bradley Cooper=Win. 

I just had to look past the fact that he was an Eagles Fan...

Speaking of Indie Strange Movies here are some other ones I've enjoyed lately.  
Safety Not Guaranteed Poster
This movie was amazing.   Besides, I have a crush on Mark Duplass from The League and Jake Johnson from New Girl. 

BernieJeff, Who Lives at Home

(500) Days of Summer Poster
This is an oldie but a goodie.  One of my faves of all time!

In fact my boyfriend is waiting on me to get off of here so we can watch Moonrise Kingdom...

3.  I am going to see Lucy Calkins in March in Columbia, SC.  My dear friend Elisabeth told me about it so I'm going with her and some of her work friends.  

It's all about her New Common Core Units in Writing.  I'm so excited!!!  

4.  I am moving next Friday into my new apartment! I am so excited!  I lived with a roomie for two years and then she had to go and get married.  I've been living with my parents for the last six months just to save up.  So I'm moving into a fabulous two bedroom with so much space!  So I've been shopping!

Here is my favorite purchase so far. I bought this new Bed Set, because I've had the same one for like four years and I needed a change.  
I asked some friends on Facebook if this was OK for a grown up and they said yes. So I went for it! I LOVE the second picture.  

5.  Since I'll be doing my own cooking again and I want to continue being Healthy, I started a new Healthy Recipes Board on Pinterest.  I'd love to have some more people adding fabulous delicious pins! If you'd like to be added, just click here to follow the board (and me of course) and leave you're pinterest link in a comment and I'll add ya!

If you missed it yesterday, I'm having Just Because Giveaway!  Click here to check it out!  

Have a great Monday.  :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Solar System Fun, Updates & a Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a great week!  It was a crazy week for me! We were out Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday were Professional Development days.  Then Thursday we had a full day of school.  Friday we went to school and at 8:15 we found out we were going to be dismissed at 10 AM because of the ice storm headed our way!  So I taught for about 8 hours this week.  Hopefully next week will be a little more normal, except for the fact that I am moving on Friday!

Well, in Science, we just finished up our Solar System and Patterns in the Sky Unit!  This is one of my favorite units because the kids get so into it!  I don't get to do as much as I like to, because we have so many  units now, but we still had fun!  During our shared reading, we read all about the planets, Earth's Movement in Space, the moon,  stars and all that fun stuff!  I created a lapbook unit to guide our learning!

This lapbook includes 9 foldables and 10 pages of reading selections! It's 75 pages of Exploring Space Goodness!  You can check it out here if you are interested!

We also read some other great books about the Solar System. 
I bought 25 of these for $1 from Scholastic! Love Scholastic!

Love this Native American Tale!  It's actually in our old basal, so I lug them out during our unit.  
The Moon Book
What teacher doesn't love Gail Gibbons? 
Product Details
Love Mrs. Frizzle too!

Then of course we had to have some fun experimenting, this is Science after all!  One of my favorite experiments I love doing every year is our Recording Shadows Experiment. 
The students trace their shadows while standing in the same place different times during the day.  It's a great experiment to see the Earth's rotation in action!  

We also created Constellations after reading Coyote Places the stars.  They created a constellation using yellow dots from a hole punch.  
Then traced it with chalk...

and created an Origin Story for their Constellation!

You can download the directions and printables for both of these activities free from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

We also illustrated the Phases of the Moon with Oreos using Hilary's Freebie!
My phone was dead and I couldn't take pictures, but the kids loved it!  

Since I've had some extra free time this week, I've updated a few products in my Stores to align them to CCSS.  If you have already purchased them, please head to your My Purchases page on TPT or TN and redownload!  Just click on any of the pictures below to check them out. 

These cuties are brand new! 

Ok, since you've stuck with me this long, I'm going to have a mini-giveaway! (You know how I love giving things away!)  You could win one of my new items or even a $10 TPT Gift Certificate!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Surviving Indoor Recess and a New Lapbook

So it's been a crazy week.  You see here in my part of the country there was no sun until Friday.  We even had a little snow on Thursday night and had a two hour delay Friday morning.  I never thought that weather would affect my job so much.  My kids were crazy.  We were stuck with each other all day and everyday.  Don't get me wrong I love my sweeties, but sometimes I need my recess time more than they need it.

Since we were stuck inside, we had some fun with indoor recess.  We played some of their favorites, Silent Ball, Four Corners and 7 Up, but I wanted to share some of our favorites you might not know about!

First up, a fun spelling game! It's easy peasy and can be done with any list of words or even math facts!
I'd call out a word and they'd write it out on their white board.

Then when the students wrote it down they'd sit on the floor. 
Then we would say together how to spell the word.  The first person who sat down got to choose any action for us to do for 10 seconds.  Such as marching, playing air guitar, jumping jacks, etc.  

Easy right? It's a game you can even play just to practice your words when the sun is out too! 

Our second favorite thing to do is DANCE!  Sure we dance to the Cupid Shuffle and the Chicken Dance.  But we also love Just Dance Kid videos we find on Youtube! 

Here are a few of our favorites...

You can follow my Brain Breaks board on Pinterest, I've pinned lots of fun videos and songs!

I've also spent the weekend updated my Celebrating Black History Lapbook!  If you have already purchased it, be sure to go to My Purchases and download the new copy!

The new version is aligned to Common Core, includes reading selections and 7  foldables!

Check it out at my TPT Store or TN Store if you are interested!  I am so excited to start it with my kiddos next month!  

I'll give away two copies this week.  You can enter by doing two things:
1. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite indoor recess activity is.  
2. Pin Something from my TPT Store or Blog and leave a comment telling me what you pinned.  
Be sure to leave your email.

I'll pick a winner on Wednesday. 

I hope everyone who has tomorrow off has a great vacation day and if you're working I'll be thinking of you! 
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Five for Friday (or Sunday)


Ok, so I know it's not Friday but there is nothing wrong with being Fashionably late.  So I am linking up with Kristen at

1.  I am watching the Golden Globes. I am a HUGE TV and Movie addict.  I am currently amazed that Damian Lewis from Homeland is British.  When did that happen?  Well I guess he always has been, but I didn't know and I love that show!  If you don't watch Homeland you must.  Homeland is filmed in my hometown and I want to be an extra so bad.    If you do watch it, then this will amuse you...

2. In math, we have been learning about Area and Geometry.  We use Investigations, so sometimes you might be like "Huh? You're teaching both at the same time?"  Yep, that is the way we roll with Investigations.  I love Investigations!  It's one of those things where you either love it or hate it.  I think sometimes I may be in the minority.  Anyway, the kiddos made these shape posters this week.  They had two rules, they had to be 4 square units and the sides had to be completely touching.  They loved it!

Then later in the week, we explored triangles and quadrilaterals with straws and twist ties. 

3.  It has been so warm here in NC, so we made some cute Melted Snowmen!  I loved them because they were all so different.  We didn't use templates, they just drew their pieces and cut them out. 

We also wrote some Haikus to go along with our cute craftivity!

4.  I am moving into a new apartment, so I have been scouring Pinterest for some decorating ideas.  Here are some of my faves!

5. I have been doing WW since September and I haven't stuck to it as much as I would have liked, but I hit 20 pounds this week! That was enough inspiration to keep working hard!  I've even teamed up with my friend Lindsay at My Life as a Third Grade Teacher to keep ourselves accountable to working out!  

Well, I am going to enjoy the rest of the Golden Globes and savor the rest of my weekend.  Have a great week!
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