Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seriously, Ms. Polk?

Do you ever feel like other teachers have it all together?  Here's an example of how I certainly don't.
This was my calendar Friday, February 8th.

I didn't even realize I hadn't changed it.  Granted I wasn't there February 1st or the 4th.  But still.  I felt like a complete idiot when my students asked if I was ever going to change our calendar!  It happens. 

What are some of the crazy duh huh moments in your life as a teacher? I'd love to hear. (If not to only make me feel better.)

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Have a great week friends! It's a busy one for this teacher. But aren't they always?  


  1. I am really bad at changing the date on my board. I think it still might be Thursday in my classroom. hehe

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  2. Well, on my last newsletter I had the wrong date AND the wrong issue...hope the parents did not wonder about my ability to teach their little snowflakes!

  3. Haha, been there, done that (too often to admit) :)

  4. I still don't have the pictures on my birthday board for the kids. It didn't get done the first week of school and then I had to have emergency surgery the second week. It just hasn't been on my priority list since. Maybe now that my student teacher has taken over?

  5. Girl, if ALL we had to do was change bulletin boards, we'd all be sane...HOWEVER, most of the time, I'd say we're all doing good just to KNOW what the day's date is! haha :)

    Primary Polka Dots

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  7. still don't have the photos on my birthday board for the children. It didn't complete the principal seven day stretch of school and afterward I needed to have crisis surgery the second week. Coursework Writing Services It simply hasn't been on my need list since. Possibly now that my understudy educator has assumed control?


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