Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peek at My Week April 15

I loved making my visual plans last week to link up with Mrs. Will's Kindergarten. It really helped me get focused (which I really need at this time of the year)!  So I decided to make them again this week.

This is by no means my whole week or everything I do in my classroom, but a little peek into what I'm doing this week!  

 Click here to download the PDF with all of the clickable links!

Plus, today only, all of my items that are on my Visual Plans are on sale!  Click on the pictures below to check them out!

Have a great Sunday! :) 


  1. Loved reading your visual plans! We have been reading folktales too.
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. I really need to give visual plans a try!! Looks great, Amber:)
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Eeeee, I just jumped on the visual plan bandwagon this week and it was fun (did I just say that about planning?!)! We're using your Earth Day math cards this week and I am so excited :) :) Happy week ahead!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  4. Thank you for linking up! Your plans look wonderful!

    Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for the shout out!! I hope your kiddos enjoy the activities : )

    Primary Punch

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