Friday, May 3, 2013

Five For Friday- May 3rd

It's Friday! YAY! It has been a crazy week.  Cuhrazy! Since it's Friday, you know what that means!

1.  We have been hard at work writing poetry.  My kids have loved learning different types of poetry and writing poems in writing workshop!

They have really enjoyed publishing on the computer!

Yep, I wrote some free verse poetry too. What can I say? I love the Little Mermaid! It's my favorite movie!

2.  We played several Investigations Math Games this week.  We are on Unit 8, so we are practicing lots of different math strategies!  I'm trying not to think of that looming test.

3.  We started working through my Plant Lapbook Unit this week.  We aren't making the lapbook, we just glue the fold-its in our notebooks! The kids have loved it. I love hearing "I love learning science with you Ms. Polk!"  They are always so amazed when they see my name at the bottom of the paper.   :)

There favorite part of the unit, watching beans grow in fast motion on Youtube!

4.  Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! Congrats to Suzy Q! She's the winner of my new Color Codes!

5.  I started posting on Instagram a few weeks ago and I am already addicted. Like seriously!  I've been taking part in a Photo A Day Challenge by The Pinspired Teacher.  So fun!  If you aren't on Instagram, you should try it! Totally easy. If you want to, follow me at @Adventuresinthird :)

Not to be a downer, but I have something else to share.

Today our school had a bomb threat. Yes, I teach elementary school.  It was written on a bathroom wall.  One of my students found it, so my kids knew what was going on from the beginning.  It's hard to explain to third graders.  The same thing happened yesterday at the middle school in the little town that I teach.  So a lot of the kids were already aware of that.  Our staff, students, and parents handled the situation very well.  It was indeed a hoax, but it was still a stressful, tiring day.  This world we live in can be very scary. Please keep our students and school in your thoughts.

Have a great week.  I plan on doing lots of relaxing! :)


  1. The Little Mermaid is my favorite! I love doing poetry with my students. It's so fun to see their creative juices flowing. Thinking about your school and glad to hear that it was handled so well.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. So sorry to hear about the bomb threat. It's so sad that these things can happen to our little guys. I'm glad to hear that your school handled it well and that everyone was ok. I'm loving those pictures of your little guys working so hard on their math stations!


    Fun in Room 4B

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