Monday, October 7, 2013

Yummy Maps!

Happy Monday ladies and fellas!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Name Change Giveaway! We have a winner....

Guess what? I am going to post about something I actually did in my classroom! What? Can you believe it?

One reason why I was so excited to move to fourth grade was Social Studies.  In North Carolina we teach NC History and I love NC History. Pirates, the Lost Colony, Wright Brothers, I love it!  

A couple of weeks ago we were learning about the three regions of NC: the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont Region and Mountain Region. To end our study, we created edible maps! 

We started with a blank map and created a key.

Then we used popsicle sticks to spread the glue. Here is what we added...
For the Mountain Region, we used chocolate chips to represent mountains. 
For the Piedmont Region, we used coconut (that I dyed green) to represent the green, rolling hills. 
For the Atlantic Coastal Plain, we used brown sugar to represent sand. 
We also used M&Ms for the cities of Charlotte and Raleigh. 

I love the way that they turned out!  The kids had so much fun making them too.  They looked so yummy, and I had to stop some kids from taking a bite. (Don't worry though, I shared the leftover M&M's though.)

Even if you don't live in NC, I hope you can use some of these ideas to create some yummy maps!
Have you ever made edible maps?  What do you like to use to represent different areas? 

Have a great Tuesday friends! :)  

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