Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year and a Little Freebie!

Can you believe that it is 2014?  I am in shock! This past year flew by!  2013 was an incredible year for me personally and professionally.  Here are some highlights from the year!

  • I met the love of my life and became engaged all in the span of 6 months!
  • I moved into a new apartment that I love. 
  • I traveled a lot! I went to Vegas and got to spend some time with some fabulous bloggers! 

  • I went to Gatlinburg, Asheville, Charleston, and Washington, DC with my then boyfriend (now future hubs). 

  • I saw my sister for the first time in two years!

  • I moved from third grade to fourth grade (and have loved every minute!)
  • I bought a MacBook (a lifelong dream-haha)
So 2013 was a year where I focused a lot more on my personal life, instead of blogging. I'm hoping to change that.  I miss you guys!  I'm not into resolutions because I never keep them. But I do have some goals set for the following year!
  • Plan a kickass wedding 
  • Blog two times a week
  • Work on some of my ideas that I have in my TPT Ideas Notebook
  • Learn how to use my Silhouette
So yep, those are my goals for the year.  Send some positive thoughts my way!

Oh, did you see the title? Yes I have a freebie for you!  I went back to school today. Today, you say?!  

I felt a little off track with Reading Workshop by the end of December, so I wanted to get focused the first day back.  So today, during the minilesson we reviewed expectations and procedures.  Then, the students filled out a Reflection and Goal Setting Sheet for Reading Workshop. 

I met with each of my "buzz groups" and we discussed goals and ways to achieve those goals.  These reflections really helped me to see where my kids were at and I hope that it helped them set some good goals for the rest of fourth grade!

If you would like this goal setting sheet, CLICK HERE or on the picture above.  Just download it from Google Docs. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! I hope you can use it!

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