Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The school year has gotten off to a crazy start, like always!  September is the craziest month, but I always love it.

This year I am lucky enough to have 12 iPads in my room.  My kids think I am the bomb dot com because I have iPads in my room. Fine by me! :)

One of our favorite activities so far is Kahoot!

So, let's talk adult here.  You know those Electronic Trivia Games you can play at the bar/restaurant?  That's Kahoot!

So here is how it works. Students can use any device (iPad, iPod, Kindle Fires, computers, phone, Chromebooks, etc) that connects to the Internet. 

When they go to kahoot.it (I added it to my homescreen on my iPads) this pops it. 

They enter the game pin for your game projected on your Smartboard.

As they log in, they create a Player Name and it pops up on the screen. 

After everyone logs in, the fun starts.  
The questions appear on the screen and the students answer on their devices.

Then after everyone answers or time is up, the results are shown. 

Sorry, I should have taken pictures during our lesson today! This is just with me playing by myself. :)

Then the best part....

They love seeing the Leaderboard!  They gets points for the correct answer and speed! You can download your results to see your student's answers and scores too!

My kids LOVE it!  

Creating Kahoots are super easy too! 

Just go to getkahoot.com, sign up and start creating your own!  You know what else is cool?  You can even search and use quizzes other people have made!  So if you teach fourth grade in NC, my NC State Symbols Quiz is public.

We have used Kahoot in staff meetings too.  It's a great way to review information for adults and children alike! 

Do you have any favorite activities that you like to do with your iPads? I love new ideas! 

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